Meet A Tyler School of Art Pre-College Student from Uruguay!

My name is Emilia Milan, but most people here
just call me Emily because it’s easier. I’m from Uruguay. That’s in South America, so I usually just say South America because people don’t really know where Uruguay is. It’s like between Brazil and Argentina and
it’s a tiny little thing that’s like 660 miles long. I’m doing a Pre-College program. I’m doing two sessions. The first session I took Graphic Design & Illustration
and Figure Drawing. This session I’m taking Printmaking and Portraits. Yeah, I actually wanted to learn Illustration
so I just googled “Pre-College Illustration programs” and I just starting opening them
and then I would go and see the teachers. I wanted to go to college in the States, but
I started looking for shorter things because I didn’t want to stay four years here. So, I started looking into Pre-College things
and summer classes and I chose this one because I could choose a lot of different classes. So instead of just going “Okay, I’m just going
to do photography” I can choose my classes and I like that. My favorite one was Graphic Design. We got to do self portraits and it’s actually
really fun because you take your picture and change your colors and just make yourself
green if you want to! I’ve never learned Illustrator – the program. I thought it was really hard, but the teacher
made it really easy and it was really cool. With Printmaking we were printing with wood
blocks, and it sounds really hard but it’s actually cool. Well, actually I was thinking about going
back to school, but now I’m kind of thinking about applying here because I really liked
the teachers and the whole thing. So, if I go back and just stay at my school,
I will definitely have a lot of things I could apply, like the portraits. I used to hate doing portraits because they
would never look like the people I was drawing, but right now, I feel like I could actually
make them look like them, so that’s something. Well, now I can use everything I did to apply
here hopefully. If I could stay here for another two weeks
I think I would do the Portfolio Bootcamp. It’s actually really cool, if you want to
apply. I didn’t think I would, but you should do
it! It’s cool because you can choose. Like maybe you feel like eating crepes or
Chinese food or whatever and you get that and you can go into the cafeteria and just
sit there. It’s kinda cool. It feels like an American high school, like
the movie kind of thing. I don’t know! I grew up watching that and if it’s like that
it’s pretty cool.

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