Mike’s Makers: Turning scrap metal into art

hey everyone you know that old lawnmower
and those old tools just sitting in your garage well call it junk call it
whatever it’s got to go somewhere it could go to a landfill it could go to a
junkyard or it could be turned into art I’m Mike price and this is Mike’s Makers I am Caleb Anderson I am from Louisville Idaho I do custom
metal art what are you going to be working on today so I think what we’ll
do today is I found this whole pipe wrench and I thought we’d make a
sandhill crane out of it so I take old scrap metal and turn it into art pieces
so instead of taking it to the junkyard where it can be refurbished into
something I take it and refurbish it into art what’s your first step so my
first step is I find something whether I can see it or not sandhill crane and
then I’ll do just a just a quick drawing on the table like that’s the that’s the
beak then we’ll do a head alright maybe a neck body you won’t put the feet on
there in the head and then I’ll kind of look at that think yeah that’s that’s
pretty good we’ll go with that so I just take take whatever object flip
it around twist it turn it decide how the best it’s gonna look go from there I
just I see a piece see a wrench or a sprocket and my mind just goes crazy
with ideas it’s kind of like looking at and staring at the clouds so I look at
metal kind of the same way and then I’ve learned how to take that idea for my
head and make it out of metal but if you start with any sculpture need a frame
like build the house
mm-hmm so I love to use a rebar just because
it’s cheap it’s uh it has some texture to it like legs like chicken legs
and so rebar right here so it’s cheap it has some kind of texture to it
and if you screw up just throw it away and get another piece
so we’ll start with that so we’ll start with the frame see how we’re gonna bend things how we
want things oh yeah so see how we can pick peace metal move it bend it how we
want it there we go so that could be a frame for a neck
oh yeah
see how that ligns up so now we got a neck
now we need a body what can we use for a body I don’t maybe shovel
a shovel will work I’ve got one somewhere here’s one let’s try that
okay yeah
here’s a shovel so that was a for the back there
yeah look at that everybody always hasn’t broken shovel
around oh yeah well that’ll work so I started out doing
just little small trinkets so a nut a bolt so I had to use a lot of
imagination to figure out what that piece actually was and it’s turned that
into a different skill level to where in my mind I can see something and actually
build it with my hands so now it’s turned in something beautiful okay now the trick to any art is how you
hold things up get in the right spot get it in the right spot to make it look good that’s
the trick for everything I think we’ll start this way all right ready helmet down
okay I it’s it’s a passion I started doing it
and it’s a it’s a passionate hobby I love doing it I love making things I
love to where someone can look at my art and their imagination can go wild and
that’s what I love about it so as I do more art people give me more scrap so
I have these which is uh for setting foundations
so before they poured the foundation they put these on the wood to tighten up the wood
then they pour the foundation in there kinda looks like feather
it could it could what do you think I
think so that look like a bunch of feathers we put
them all together yeah it could be nice especially if you do it out the back there it could be a nice tail feather back there a
do it out the back back and then on the top uh-huh wrap the belly with them
it looks nice it’ll look good
it shouldn’t take more
in a couple hours all right we’re gonna put you okay I got two hands
yeah welding gloves right there so learning a new skill there’s a lot of
trial and error to it so it’s not like taking two pieces of metal and putting
it together and just putting a weld in it so you have to learn how to shape and
form metal that doesn’t want to bend or shape and form and so a lot of trial and
error through a lot of pieces away and nobody gets to see that but it’s it’s
and I still throw away a lot of pieces I still try some and it doesn’t work and I
toss it aside and try something else if I think up of something and then I can
make that exact replica of what’s in my head and turn it out of metal those are
my favorite pieces because I’ve thought about it from start to finish and it’s
turned out exactly the way I wanted to half my art it’s turned out that I’ve
thought about something and I start building and then it kind of takes the
life of its own from mistakes or this looks good or that looks good and then
it turns into something different all right let’s try that oh perfect ok don’t move
back and forth so much ok oh yeah
that looks pretty solid fantastic what keeps me going is it’s
just the the final project what’s it gonna look like when I’m done so you
make a mistake you get frustrated sometimes you have to set things down
walk out of the shop come back the next day
and then when people see my art they get excited they they can instantly see what
it is it’s instantly recognizable and that keeps me driving to come back in
the shop when it’s 30 below in Idaho and I don’t want to go outside for the day well Caleb unfortunately I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stay for the whole
thing all right so you’re gonna have to show me the photos once it’s done but I
really appreciate let me come and do this and it was good to meet you how can
people get a hold of you if they want to purchase your art
they can find me on the Internet see Anderson QR 50 okay
it’s my I’m on Facebook Instagram it’s how you can get ahold of me
okay fantastic well again thank you so much this has been a pleasure being able to
see what you do and being able to turn this into something into something a
stork it’s gonna be amazing it’s gonna be cool looking forward to it

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