Mixed Media Painting with Acrylics, Lacquer, Marker and Silver

With white Acrylic lacquer I prepare a canvas with the foam roller and I wipe violet acrylic in the still moist white ground. This will be my shadow on the wall (hahaha). With water I dilute a little bit dark brown, so I can blow it with the Fixativ blow pipe on the canvas to obtain a dark contrast. Now I do a pencil drawing. With a resin clearcoat (?) I spray a wet spot, on which I paint with black acrylic – the acrylic color will not hold on the lacquer and it gives a nice structure. Now the leaves are painted. And then the sunflower – first the shadows with acrylic The cores I paint with a marker pen They are located in the “golden angle”. This was discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci (1170-1240) – yes: in the 13. Century in the Middle Age !!! Now the beautiful yellow petals. Still a few berries Yes, the light is coming from the right side. Some leaves are in the background. I let flow down some color with plenty of water. For the silver leaf I need a dark background. On the dried acrylic gilding glue (?) is applied. The glue has to stand for 15 minutes now, in the meantime I draw some Accessories with hybrid gel pen and fine Edding marker. Now I can add the silver leaf – it will be applied with a dry brush. And now the work is done. Thank you for your interest.

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