N’Doul: The Art of Foreshadowing

Stardust Crusaders is one of the few parts
that gets a good amount of flak for the minor villains you see. Which I can see in some cases. While I’m not as interested with those villains,
I like what they were used for and what energy was given for the fights they were in. That goes with fights like Wheel of Fortune
and The Sun. While Part 3 had its fair share of serious
moments, it also had a lot of comical moments with them. Which was fine, but this was before Dio’s
elite. While we had a moment or two where it seemed
like we lost a member, we got that member back. Once the 9 Glory Gods of Egypt were introduced,
it was a game changer. Or well, in my opinion you only have about
of the four posing a ridiculous threat in my opinion. You can try to figure who I’m not taking
as seriously. But, I think that having N’Doul as the first
Glory God was probably Araki’s best foot forward. With how much power, and effect he’s had,
he’s one of the best Glory Gods. The portrayal of the 9 Glory Gods is shown
off as if every stand user they will encounter in the volumes or episodes after are going
to be on the same calibre of N’Doul. Some of them are made for impactful mental
fights, and some are there to define specific characters. N’Doul has all the important aspects we
get from the other Gods, and he does this as natural as possible. He’s not only the one God to have all these
notable traits, but he’s also the one God to fight the whole Stardust Crusaders. Jotaro, Kakyoin, Polnareff, Joseph, Abdul,
and Iggy were all present and he could’ve taken four of the 6 mentioned. The two he couldn’t take out were the two
that defeated him. N’Doul and Geb are shown to be this powerful
force during the fight, but we were able to get that even before the Crusaders known exactly
what’s going on. This one small scene where you see N’Doul
against a fly. He almost catches it on his own, which by
itself seems crazy since he’s blind. The fly gets away, and he talks about how
he needs more practice maybe. But, instead of trying to catch it again,
he bounces a rock off the ground to exactly strike where the Fly would be. How he’s able to be so vigilant and precise
without requiring vision foreshadows that he’s not like any of the other stand users
they’ve encountered. He’s also one of the very few villains to
have damaged and impact on the Stardust Crusaders. Along the lines of Stand users like Vanilla
Ice, Midler, the Darby’s, and a very few others. Now, getting down into the fight itself. This battle while being an engaged physical
fight, is an intense taxing mind battle. Even before seeing Geb attack anyone, you
can see Jotaro and Joseph being overwhelmingly confused on how a member of the Speedwagon
foundation could drown in the desert. I still don’t understand how the fish got
involved, but I think it was probably done to make the scene even more bizarre. With what happens once Geb attacks, it immediately
puts everyone into defense mode where they’re all trying to figure what should they do. It’s a fast stand that’s strong enough
to rip someone’s head off and put it into a canteen, so you know why they’d be on
such high alert. There’s not much they can do while being
cautious because they don’t know if that Stand would be able to combat their stand. They’re also extremely weary since they
know that this stand user doesn’t care about who they’re going for, and confused because
by process of elimination there should’ve only been one enemy left. There wasn’t a single clue about the 9 Gods
since they had no reason to think there would be more than the tarot card stand users. So, while staying on high alert they try to
think of ways to approach or find the user, and that was the probably one of the most
logical things to do with all the information they’ve compiled over the time of the journey. Yet, this is something that went completely
past what they know. In the midst of talking about Kakyoin being
hypocritical, Geb forming right under their noses. Taking Kakyoin out of the picture was a huge
power move for the plot, but also a huge move from N’Doul to show what they’re against. Polnareff running instead of trying to defend
Kakyoin had shows a feeling that we’ve seen from Polnareff a couple of times, and that’s
him being afraid of the unknown. Since he doesn’t understand how the stand
works or where it’s coming from, the only thing he could do is run. He almost loses his foot, but everyone gets
into the buggy. For what happens after, it’s N’Doul showing
the gap of intelligence and power between him and the Crusaders, but it also shows how
N’Doul can lose focus at times if he’s making light of a situation or he’s too
focused on one thing. Once everyone else is incapacitated and Joseph
is being as useful as he can, it’s a fight between Jotaro and N’Doul. Iggy is also there, but not willingly. One thing that I will continuously think of
in this fight is the range. N’Doul was 4kilometers away from the Crusaders,
rounding it down that’s 13 thousand feet. He was destroying the Crusaders and he was
nowhere near them. If N’Doul was on kill mode the whole time,
it would’ve been game over for everyone. Now, on Jotaro and N’Doul. There were three things that majorly defined
the fight, and two those were out of the box tactics. N’Doul had made Geb kick up sand high enough
so it would fall on Iggy and Jotaro. By doing that, he was able to hear the sand
raining down on them, and could sense them through the sound. That’s one of the smartest tactics I’ve
seen in Part 3, and I am happy that it happened. For a good amount of the fight, I was on N’Doul
said because of how intelligent he’s being presented to be. With being able to combat the entire team,
and taking out 3 of the members, you have to give him credit. Now, what combats N’Doul is how unorthodox
Jotaro can be. In the next fights against the other Glory
Gods, Jotaro has shining moments. These shining moments happen because of Jotaro
doing things that no other person would do. Most of these things can either put himself
in danger or others, but if there’s a chance of Jotaro and others prospering for it, then
he’s down to take that chance. Since Jotaro was being given up by Iggy, and
N’Doul was coming after him, he solved two issues with one tactic. And that tactic? HE THREW IGGY. With how hard he threw Iggy, he’s forcing
N’Doul to recall Geb to defend himself, and Iggy must try to get a grip and use his
stand against N’Doul to stay alive. It’s genius, and something that not everyone
would think of to do since it’s so unconventional. To be honest, I stopped everything once he
threw Iggy had to sit down for a bit because it seemed comical, but it was a smart decision
the whole time. Once N’Doul and Iggy defend themselves from
each other, N’Doul notices that Jotaro is gone. He gets overwhelmed trying to search from
him, but then we all see where he is. This is the third and final thing that defined
the fight, was the silent stand off between Jotaro and N’Doul. Looking at the manga, you can see the tension
purely off of the sound symbols alone, adding on to that you have Iggy who’s on the edge
look at the stand off happen. This is what we finally built up to, and now
we’re ending it off with not only a signature stand off, but a battle of the mind too. Jotaro goes without saying anything for 13
pages, and N’Doul is the only one talking because he realized that Jotaro got the drop
on him. Now, it’s a western draw, and the walking
stick is the counter. This is something that I credit the anime
for, but still believe that the manga had done this better due to the tone that Araki
set being formulated and executed better. When there’s major moments in the manga,
you know it’s important due to how space is taken up. The attack almost took up two whole pages,
but the draw itself took up four pages. The ease in tone after the draw is an extreme
calm tone. In a fight like this, you would think that
the fighters would have a sort of Joseph and Wamuu tone going with how good the fight was,
but it’s completely shifted once N’Doul attacks himself. Once that happens, N’Doul sheds light on
everything that’s been going on and what led up to him coming for the Crusaders. N’Doul was a man who had never feared death. There was never anyone that wasn’t a stand
user that could combat him. He was even above the law since he could do
everything under their nose. But the one time he had he wished to not meet
his fate, was when he was under Dio. Dio was the first person to acknowledge the
value of N’Doul, and he praises Dio for being the God of the forsaken ones. He says that evil needs a saviour as well. Jotaro sees it as Dio making people into fanatics,
but N’Doul isn’t technically wrong. While Dio is using the stand users for his
own personal gain, he’s only using them because he sees potential in what they do. He comforts them for what they are, and needs
them because of who they are. He wants to them to embrace their evil and
build upon it. While he is manipulating them, it wouldn’t
be a surprise to them. They’re evil, and he’s evil, so it only
makes sense that it would happen. Though, that’s something that I’ve never
thought of really. You don’t associate a term like God for
someone like Dio, you think of the other guy. But to think of an evil counter part that’s
exactly equal in the eyes of his followers, it’s new and interesting. The arc is finished up with Iggy showing his
companionship with Jotaro, and doing Iggy things with it. It’s possible that he now respects Jotaro
for defeating someone that made him cower in fear, but he’s still Iggy so he’s still
going to do what he does. This arc was one of the most eventful ones
you’ll see in Part 3, and what it did held weight. He set a tone that made the reader or watcher
think that there was going to be enemies like N’Doul that would possibly have the same
amount of impact. While that isn’t the case, it did a great
job for what it was going for. I appreciate N’Doul and everything he did. Well, except for what he did to Kakyoin, but
at the same time he gave him some cool scars so we’re good. Thank you N’Doul. Thank you all for watching, I hope you enjoyed. If you like character or arc analysis, I have
a playlist with few of my others. Follow my media in the description to stay
updated, and join my discord to met others with the same interests. Hope I
see you all in the next one. Until then, peace out and God speed.


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