Near West Side Partners hosts “arts and crafts” night

the near West Side partners had a night of arts and crafts open to the public Friday the event displayed local work by artists at a warehouse owned by central standard distillery at 23rd and Clybourn streets just off campus Julia Taylor is one of the artists whose work was displayed in the gallery she said the proceeds from the event will go towards supporting local arts initiatives so we’re hoping that the proceeds from this are going to help continue to fund arts initiatives on the near West Side so it’s not just a one-night event the distillery provided cocktails and finger foods to guests as well as live performances by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and New Age narcissists Evan Hughes is the co-founder of central standard distillery he said the partnership between the Arts and the distillery was unique artists are generally used to putting on art shows in art galleries yeah we had to get creative with the installments but it was fun challenging and fun University President Michael Lovell was at the event and said Central Standard distillery was a choice company 4nw SP the owner is great because not only is it you know a great company and have here but we have students that work here you know they’ve I know that leads to students that have worked here who they’ve opened up and it’s just it just good to have them with a neighbor for us Taylor said the near West Side is getting more attention for its arts culture and I think part of it too is to help people who maybe don’t know the near west side to come and experience it and understand how much creativity is here how much fun is here and then it’s a great place to be I’m grayskin answer market wire news

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