New COTV Artwork and Additional Story Confirmed? – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (MUA3)

[Music] with their say cops and Colossus patch no live in Marvel Ultimate Alliance free or wise on the next stop they coming on the 30th of September but it will of course be de the paid up deal which is a cost of the vampire pack no information on it has been relatively late however on the last few days via one of their Japanese Nintendo sites they always seem to get the script we actually got some screenshots of some of the menus for the new modes in the game and then top on that we’ve got some pretty awesome looking artwork for the characters so we can get a better idea of hell don’t look and game slice jumpin and check all that out first off here we have a screenshot I’ve already spoiled and it’s Empire their thumbnail by wanted to bring this up again it looks like the mean artwork advertising up day and that’s just looks absolutely exceptional now I do wonder will actually be fighting up against Morbius will have blade punished on the night taking them on and then once we beat him we actually unlock on the bees coming towards the characters that would suggest that part looks absolutely amazing so let’s see what we’ve got next the next two screenshots we’ve got here they in are from gone lamothe vienna looks off as well I see by the looks of it you can see it says gone more doctor top so it’s definitely fall that some kind of leaderboard you know like how to put their the cost of the vampire house of a top by our weight margin as if they’re gonna be really strong characters but let’s see we’ve got next with this image here then it looks like the row pertains to being different phases to us because you can see it mentions we’re on phase 1 and you can see the numbers 4 5 10 20 25 and 50 sub judice have gone the mood for every five waves you got potentially does that mean that the next time you can actually starter on a higher wave only time won’t heal but that’s the screenshots we hadn’t gone long words let’s actually check out their art worked for the characters and these really do look exceptional i want to start off with my favorite character here surrogate blade he’s got their dual katanas there’s no real sailor to be on if he’s gonna have any ranged weapons but I’m pretty sure he well got some body armor on he’s got an awesome looking trench coat with the red trim and say Dover as well so I really really like the look of him the next character we have here as Monet in once gain he looks absolutely awesome I love their additional armor on his vest therefore pounding down and kadek doesn’t the crescent shape of his keep as well it’s really nice that touch no midnight if you’re not really sure he as he’s essentially a version of Batman if Batman then have restraints now you’ll notice as well the midnight wears white why is that the case when you read out that’s awesome court and thus for me as one of these is I really love midnight so the court eyes I don’t know why to hate myself a weird it so those see me coming so they know who has because when you see white it doesn’t matter how good a target I am their hand shakes so bad they couldn’t hurt them and what an absolute badass awesome stuff now let’s check out the next character we then have a boy Frank next here looking for a chunky with all the body arm and he’s waiting with the various different out she’s were fire more and so Ana’s way looks like he’s got a shotgun and potentially some kind of automatic rifles we also hoping to be a good mixture of different weapons that he can use final character we have here is Morbius to do like the style of them he’s a character I don’t really know a great deal of BIOS I can’t really compare the look they’re using and the game can help the other versions at me actually be available for him so it does look nice but I of all the characters or companies the one I’m probably least excited about say it’s probably be blade then punish are pretty close to midnight Punisher though as well and then it be Morbius in last place now that saw the character models I actually was able to find out something else so let’s bring that up as well just to finish up they may have some information via that Destructoid website this was in the last few days as well and one of the the questions I’ve seen come up fairly often about the DLC is well I include a story component is way on it’s not a hundred percent clear it can be read in a way from the information we’ve had so far so either Destructoid are redundant one way or they have additional information because they state at the end of one and that after course here there as a reminder there will be a story mode component to cost to the bumper to person I feel there’s a very strong chance there will be women look at how much was in there the free DLC we got recently for Cyclops and Colossus all the additional infinity nodes press after that for Pete the OC they’re really going to go all the way out so fingers crossed but we’ll find out soon enough they we have a small Nintendo conference tonight without talking about some games so if they Dilys any information and ultimate lines free and of course i saw coming update and i look to get another news video as soon as possible but let me know in the comments below what you think what we’ve covered today what you think of the character versions are using styles who you’re looking forward to the most and as always thanks for tuning in and I’ll see y’all again soon [Music]

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