New York artist uses bubble wrap to create works of art

Now, we all love having a bit of fun with
bubble wrap, but New York artist Bradley Hart has turned bubble wrap into art. Yeah, over the past four years, Bradley’s
mastered a top secret technique that involves custom made computer algorithms, syringes
and homemade tools. Bradley says the idea came after an encounter
with an overzealous security and leftover bubble wrap. Oh my God! That’s it, and I know that’s an
idea that wasn’t 100% new, to play with the idea of the cultural trope on whether or not
one should touch art because that’s what the art began on. They didn’t start as paintings
or the sculptures they’re moving into. It actually began as a sculpture of just a roll
of bubble wrap and playing with the idea that should you touch the art or not. Bradley will show off his latest work on the
7th of May at Cavaller Galleries in New York.


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