ObEN Creates World’s First Personal AI Art Concerige at K11 Shanghai

Welcome to K11’s Art Museum. For our first exhibit of the new year (2018) we present a duo of solo exhibitions from acclaimed artists Betty Woodman and Zhao Yang. American artist Betty Woodman was the first female artist to hold a solo exhibition at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her artistic creations free ceramics from the limitations of their traditional jar and bottle forms, expanding them into infinite dimensions. That’s also one of the meanings behind the exhibit’s name “HOUSE AND UNIVERSE”. The other artist in this exhibit is China
Academy of Art graduate Zhao Yang, in his first major museum solo exhibition “Alaya”. “Alaya” is Sanskrit for “Storehouse” or
“Receptacle” The paintings in the exhibit invite a multitude of feelings, all directed at the viewer. Through his works, Zhao Yang invites viewers to contemplate the questions “Where does the body come from, and where
does it go?” Crossing the sea that divides East and West, we draw the curtains open on this duo exhibition. Are you ready to enter the shores of this
new artistic experience?

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