Organize & manage insane amounts of artwork… on a dime!

hey guys we just wrapped the end of this school year which means lots of fun parties and awesome traditions my favorite is getting the kids with squirt guns on the last day when they get off the bus but it also means tons of stuff that comes home artwork and schoolwork and it can get totally overwhelming so in today’s video I want to share with you one dollar and affordable ways to keep it organized and display it I hope you guys enjoy first let’s talk about displaying artwork kids are natural boring creators and I think sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down in some like big fancy display when really all you need is just some dollar store command hooks some dollar store twine and a few clothespins the kids pick their favorite pieces that mean the most to that we were lazy and waited until the end of the year to do this but it worked out it made getting rid of the access so easy research shows that allowing kids choice is paramount we display the majority of artwork in their bedrooms they’re creative space and their story they can start learning decluttering early what do you think and you don’t need a lot of space to do this if you don’t have a big wall you can also sneak these into another small corner of your house I love the mini palettes that they sell at Walmart you can add a clothespin to them and rotate out part Oh and that begs the question what to do with the goggles of art you don’t use and display some of our favorite ideas are to take a picture that lasts forever with no physical clutter or use as wrapping paper and gift cards for presents or even add to matted frames to give to grandparents as guess it’s frugal and anything in a frame looks totally legit and with the rest no shame these items are the less important or duplicate things so we’re gonna recycle this next kid’s memory boxes and storage sometimes there are pieces you want to keep and save forever boxes and here’s how we organize and decide what to use binders are great if you have time to scrapbook but it didn’t work out for us so we love watertight containers I’ll be sure to link some affordable options below and hanging files by grade level it’s the easiest to keep up with system [Music] something that we are really focusing on is creating memory boxes for our kids that can be realistically enjoyed so by refining what we keep it’s really worked out for our family and at the end of the year we go through and pick a few of our highlight items something that tells the story of that year a writing sample a few drawings some silly artwork or things that reminds you of that season of their life in my mind less is more and it’s really fun to go through these folders with them as they get older add a picture to the front of the folder of the first day of school if you want to and if you’re looking for a really affordable option the Dollar Tree carries cardboard organizers this is one of their best office supplied products it actually does fit hanging folders and it’s a great place to store some of those additional items that are too big to fit in a clear box if you want more organizing videos definitely leave this one a big thumbs up and subscribe so I can catch you in the next one and let me know in the comments down below how old your kids are what grade are they in now are you shocked did it go by fast uh Emily this year is over alright I’ll see you guys soon bye [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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