Out of the Box – Ep.2 – Sky – L’art du Point

Hi guys, I’m now in Charleroi, Belgium,
to visit Sky. Hello, I’m Sky! Thank you for having us here. How long for have you been tattooing? I started tattooing in 1998. I soon discovered dotwork, after 3 years of tattooing. And I haven’t done anything else since. No, it’s cool! How do you work with the clients? Do you have a flash,
do you prepare it before or do you work in the moment? I don’t work with any flash or book. My book is the work I share online. My customers come to me and tell me: “I like this a lot,
but this a bit less” “Go on, you’re the boss!” I decide everything… at that moment. Just before, I don’t know I adapt my work
to the customer’s body. What do you enjoy doing
during your free time? Beside my work,
my other passion is guitar. I’ve been playing for around 30 years and I enjoy playing when I can. I don’t have much time
but I play whenever I can. Music is life! Yes! Do you have any future projects? I’d like to keep working
like I already do, to have my work spread more and more, and to keep enjoying myself
and give what I can give. Subtitles : Junior Agence T2M
Université de Bourgogne

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