Hello everyone and welcome to the gommedecrayon chain I told you about it during summer I had proposed to do a art journaling again many of you have given me your opinion. And i thank you again I propose you a page today more than the result of the page, which will please you or you will not like it what I want to show you is how to make your page. how creativity and reflection come into play …in play to create… all the little drawings, here it is pasted these are motifs, and you’ll see in the video, that I drew if you’re interested, creating this page after this I would like to remind you or give you, if you arrive for the first time on my channel my vision of art journal.Il have this paper block it is, for me, to make a composition a composition, before doing something “pretty” that can be shown to his friends it is especially paint without stress, let off steam, to find a composition that works I painted this first page, which you can find in my playlist it’s very simple, just one color I had proposed this page too this page is a good explanation to the eye, the red attacks me, the green too … . but it is the composition that is important it is not easy to compose, in abstract, with round forms, rectangles …. this is what training with a newspaper art offers. that is my opinion but we can also do fun things with a newspaper art all these pages, you find them on my channel for example, I like to look at this, it looks like an aquarium, it’s happy…but it’s a different goal but the thread of creating the page was the same I let creativity go up So here is and I also did a newspaper art in an old book but I think I’ll talk about it later in the video so, if you’re interested, I’ll keep you happy with me I open my art journal again I want to paint it again and offer you a few pages from time to time. I hope you will like it so I take my old book again if you have not seen my previous videos on the art journal, I would try to put you a link here I would try to put you a link if you arrive on my channel, you will find yourself very well 🙂 so, I took a book that did not interest me and I turned it into a newspaper art here are some pages, if you have not seen them and I give you my vision of journal art again that is, before producing a pretty page is rather to unlock his creativity to unlock the composition, play with its layout and if the result is pretty, we are happy! so I’m going to open a page, from this book of this transformed and transformable book and I’m going to cover this page with gesso I’m going to let I will let a little writing appear. As long as we can not read them but that gives a nice graphic finally, it will give a nice graphic to my future page I let a little appear (writings) I apply gesso almost everywhere then I will paint with color I will let all this dry and we will meet again it’s perfectly dry my idea: we are still in summer and we will paint the sun and paint and paint what goes perfectly with the sun, ie the sea the sea, the holidays the fareniente, this my idea… and I’m going to take some ocher watercolor it’s a watercolor color that I almost never use and I have a background that hangs in the palette i’m going i have sand here Watercolor lovers, I hope you enjoy this tutorial if you ever do not like newspaper art in fact I’m preparing a background, just stupidly a background… my idea of ​​the art journal is something wrong without really knowing where we are going and see what this gives I took a watercolor brush that I like less it’s one of my first brushes I will leave the most white here this will represent the water’s edge, the waves I am going to enrich the ocher color with cadmium orange. It’s the same, I use it little I try not to put on clothes I take off the color from the land of sienna burnt, a color that I use a lot this time when I paint in watercolor this will enrich my page this color a little hot I’m going to pick up here ,it’s weakened or I did not put enough here. I do not want yellow to mix too much with blue the blue of the sea I will start on the left I clean my brush again colors that I use in watercolor when I paint céruléum blue, winsor blue it gives a beautiful marine turquoise I really like Of course, the color does not penetrate the gesso it is not watercolor paper but it’s going very well precisely, on the gesso it gives effects of water I find it pretty veridian green i like it very much I mix it with my previous blue I make sure to give an impression of water waves and not a speckled sand effect I soften with my washed brush here I can tilt my book, to make the color flow to the water and not to the sand I soften the color, to soften at the waves I will add a little blue and I will let it dry ceruleum blue, because it’s opaque this will more cover, by location let” dry ! while it’s drying I’m going to drax a beach umbrella the beach umbrella, in addition to giving a note sun and holidays, will help me to bind my two sides of page so I took drawing paper which does 224 g/m who is for drawing it will be perfect because I want a small thickness i’m going to draw my beach umbrella I have a model in front of my eyes it will be very simple this is my beach umbrella I will paint a first color with watercolor af ter I will continue with… my pastels Neocolor II watersoluble with what blue ? cereleum blu, lighter because, i want to paint with my pastels on I do not paint the white foot of the beach umbrella white, it will be prettier on the sand ocher I say it again it is not a watercolor paper but it will be very good for this project let’s dry let my two pages dry and let this pretty beach umbrella dry and we find ourselves after it is dry I was impatient.I’ m going to paste this… here that’s what it will cut here glue I hope it will hold especially since the paper is not thin and I will let it dry again what is long in this project is to let everything dry all these little pieces and after… after this, I’m going to color with the pastels wait… Not quite dry, but … it’s glued. while it was drying, I prepared a small watering can and a bucket of beach with a shovel and a rake.i don’ t I do not know yet where I’m going to paste them in short, they are made this is py pastels Néocolor of Caran d’ache the sun comes from the right, i imagine so i have a shadow here if you do not know them we can work with water I do not like watercolor crayons, but I like these pastels yes, il like thes for tis kind of page I prefer to prepare myself my collages I do not like duty to someone else a drawing of someone on my drawings I’m going to look at what it does not too much water it’ s too big, i think we can see or not the lines of pencils i like to see them a little visible


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