Paint with Kevin Hill – Hidden Lake

hi I’m Kevin Hill and today I thought we would do another fun painting so let’s get started now with the 2 inch fresh and a little bit of blue we can just paint in our sky now I have some white paint down first and like this blue blend with it get lighter as we come down now with a clean 2 inch brush you can just blend out this whole sky make it look very soft you really any harsh lines in there now with the fan brush and some blue and red and black we can paint in a nice big cloud up here I’m using tiny little circles and kind of shaping the outside of the cloud this one’s going to be nice and big very fluffy now with a clean 2 inch brush we can soften this cloud this with tiny little circles and I want to totally destroy this back edge here make it blend right away then we’ll go lightly across now with the 1 inch brush and some white we can add some highlight it’s big cloud up here and I’m focusing work on the edge of the cloud but inside the cloud because I want some shadows in there leave some of the dark now we finished highlighting your clouds you can go back to the 2 inch brush and lightly blend out the highlight and now we don’t want to mess up the tops we’re just working on the bottom of the highlight and then we can fluff the cloud and we’ll lift it up and then blend right cross now we can go into a little bit more white and just add an extra highlight right on the edge of the cloud really where the light would hit it make it really bright and don’t get too carried away with this you only need a little bit now with the knife and some black we can drop in nice big mouth up here and this is just the dark part we’ll come back and highlight in just a minute now with a clean brush we can grab this mountain and blend it out thank you look nice and soft now for the bottom now with some white on the knife we can highlight this Melton very lightly just let my friend down the mountain I want all this breaking in there pull that texture now when you’re finished highlighting your mountain you can grab a little bit of blue and white and add the shadow side to the mountain it’s really the same thing just letting the paint break on the way down leaving a lot of texture to pain now back to the 2 inch brush and we can tap the base of this mountain to create some mist then when you’re done tapping lift up that kind of blends it all together now with some grain on the fan brush you can just touch and lift up to get a ton of little trees back there right at the horizon when you’re done with those small trees we can take the same color and make some bigger trees this time I’m just going to use the corner of the brush and tap kind of form each year little limbs maybe another one right there now when you’re done with those trees and we can come over here and do the same to this side I’m just using a quarter of the brush working back and forth nothing different and notice how they’re getting a little bit bigger as they come forward because I want the land kind of come this way wrap around a little now when you’re done with these little trees reload the brush do a big one right here but it’s really the same as the little ones now when you’re done with your crease we can add some grass right at the bottom and we’ll come back and highlight and you look very nice now with the one-inch brush and a little bit of blue and black we can add some water now here very very sharp now with the knife we can block in some dark color just like this this is going to eventually be some cliffs but for now you just need the dark now with some Brown and white where you can add a few little highlights to this cliff back here keep them nice and small in the back then have them get bigger as they come forward now with a darker brown on the knife we can add some cliffs on the other side now this is darker because the sides and shadow lines coming in like that getting the right side in this left side the cut dark and don’t worry if you get some in the water we’ll just turn it in reflections now back to the one-inch brush and it’s the dark green we think add a little bit of land it slopes down just like that x-men pushes that water back a little with the one-inch brush and a little bit of green in yellow we can highlight our grass just by tapping with the brush and I also want to leave some dark in here go make it all this color now with the fan brush and some white and blue we can add a little bit of highlight on the water and keep them pretty flat keep your lines flat so your water is not tilting and leave some dark in your water too now with some green on the fan brush we can add some highlight to these pine trees now we don’t want too much if you want to leave a lot of dark in the tree now after looking at this I’ve decided we need a nice big tree right there so we’ll just drop one in now with some white on the knife we can add a very small water line back here just by kind of touching with the knife and rubbing back and forth I keep them very flat make sure they’re as flat as you can get all right well I think we’re done I had a lot of fun I hope you did too don’t forget to check out my new website and also my DVD for sale I’ll put those links below and thanks for watching

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