Hey guys, it’s great Ourselves Last time except with anything ourselves step up each other I’m excited cuz I’m Way better at doing Longer hair than short hair at the end you guys are gonna decide to do one less than my one and I hope I’m gonna Win again no and this is the picture. I’m gonna be copying well. I guess I’m gonna try to copy Ronald does not have any reference Okay, so I always start with the hair I always don’t that outline Yeah, here’s kind of like the outline of the face. I need some yeah Let’s not even open there. We go. I feel like I’m gonna do way better I’m also gonna put a darker yellow with the yeah you like yo Seto about the color of my hair Looks that up. I hope for the best alright, gonna mix those two beautiful colors together Okay All right, this is too dark. It’s not my hair color. I need it to be lighter What’s going on? You haven’t even started? Yeah, I don’t do outline. This is not very realistic It’s not like a real like I have a black eyeliner on you. All right. That’s about my hair color I’m just gonna add some whites, baby, okay? I think I’ve almost finished my outline I think I am finished my outline okay Did all right that’s whoa I’m darkening up this place. It’s all black all right I’m mixing the white and the yellow to make my hair color all right First line of hair, this is a nice color I’m trying to make my hair I’m gonna put my shirt in front of some of my hair now. I’m gonna need this brush for my eyes And not nose and mouth There we go And now a little dip and boy, I forgot why mix brown and blue together Oh, yeah for my glasses all right. That’s gonna be my hair This is a way to utter it That’s gonna be your hair right outline the hair okay making progress Great Now it’s time to mix brown and blue I might not have enough paints, and I don’t want to make that color again I’m gonna sync it all up. Oh no Ronald I’m lucky. I don’t have glasses good that did it now. It’s time to make the shirt shirt shirt shirt shirt Y’all of our shirt Okay now summer paint these panties Now it’s time for you yellow to shine up in the sky, I don’t know how this is gonna turn out I need a new mouth new mouth Ready up or up ready? Oh Yes Yes, that’s better now. I just need to make Backgrounds you’re just still the hair. Oh, yeah, okay, grabbing the biggest brush Okay, the sky is going in place Line run all in the house. All right. I’m just doing the shading in the hair You know we all got some shading on us. Yeah, all right now. I’m gonna make my Skin color I’m doing really good Guys I really want to win this time so make sure you vote for me all right I’m gonna try to make my skin color which will probably turn out terrible Orange look at that. That’s orange. I need more Okay, so now I need Zee yellow to make Zee son. I think I got my skin color Almost right why is it taking so long just to get a skin color? They need to be the right shape can’t just put something around Okay, now the yellows gonna shine bright in the sky. I’m gonna use the one behind bright like a diamond I’m gonna use the one that I use for my hair Just because it looks good And the Sun is finished Now I don’t know what else to draw or to paint. Why does it take you so long? I’m like finished Awesome like my rankings although. I compare that to that. We sure would give up What so you would rather have that in your room that night? Yeah, yes comment down below. Would you like to have dead this crappy white or green is unfinished one, and I’m finishing I Can finish this painting in 30 seconds no No I’m not in the mood for losing one I’ll do my best better attendance I Think that is your bus two hours later You take too long I know I’m Taking my time Boring guys next time we’re gonna do one minute painting wrong yes To be honest you won’t even be able to pick your colors by Choo in just closed off its first guys coming down below and you should do what made a painting challenge? Oh, no yes I’m Gonna have nothing I don’t wanna kiss. You’re so freaking colors one utility later So Korean leather you can make my hair longer because right now is like socialites Korea your skin colors darker than yours. Oh Take your time I Know I have idea how I can use my breath and put it right underneath your feet I’m gonna make it rain Okay, so let’s paint this tree so first we need brown, and then we just paint it Simple right oh, that’s what scat. It’s time to take ins Take your time oh Thank you, rapid change Roxy now The paint will turn off much better if you can turn it off it will go get a bank me later. Yeah finished Not finished 3:28 a.m. The my calculations are correct about three point eight eight eight eight eight eight eight years, okay? I’m gonna get going Oh Finally peace and quiet Finally finally finally Finished she took like two hours or something and I only took two tours So are you guys ready for the final look me I bet you want But we’re gonna show you them anyway because I think they’re really fabulous So here’s the tree here’s the Sun and here’s me with my glasses on we’ll cover a half of your face Thank you to me with a very Interesting time I tried to do my tummy out didn’t turn out too well I got my eye for a little bit crooked my nose He could barely see and I did my hair I tried to go for a kind of Realistic sort of someone’s behind my shoulders and was in front and I did my big black jacket And I didn’t do a background because I think I take way too much time. Thank God rooms that will be 10 hours Late Oh mirror one lucky buddy I say How’s the back to get one? Moment comment down below who is the winner winner chicken dinner? I think you vote for this person It’s just saying guys. Just gonna look this masterpiece Look like this video And guys don’t forget to comment if we should do one minute painting challenge know

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