Painting our Nails on the NYC Subway ft. Safiya & Threadbanger (expert level)

[Music] I’m just having the time of my life well hello everyone it’s me christine again and i’ve got my friends here yes i have read what we’ve got Sofia from Sofia Nygaard yes and we’ve got Corinne from Fred Bangor I asked Rob to come but he gave me the finger so since we’re in New York we don’t have much time because everything is very busy here so I figured it would be fun to do our nails on the subway I got a lot of materials here do you know what these are absolutely got some brushes oh I like those little balls that’s my favorite big balls too so it looks like we’ve got cats maple leaves stars mermaid scales and kylie jenner’s how advanced are gonna make your nails in there I don’t know we’re gonna go the bold carefully package we must keep the nail-polish safe that’s the number one priority not your own safety nail polish I hope we don’t get kicked off the subway but if someone else asked to have their nails painted I won’t be mad are you gonna paint them you know I charge five bucks those we’ll see [Music] it’s fiber they’re advertising on the subway it’s not sponsored [Music] where do they be wrong either way it’s a rat I always knew I was here misson confirmed we’re at the help [Music] whoo you’re touching every surface of cards Universidad subscribe you gotta dance go a good dance going dollar bill mounting the polls early I didn’t peel off my nails first I gotta get naked you want to tell me do you mind sighs he gets undressed back what is this basin it’s a feel out base okay it’s all about that thing keep those for the hoarder bag obviously I’m keeping them and now I’m just gonna repurpose those and put them on my fingers that’s cheating you do that I’ll let you guys get started though ready no no I don’t know what I’m doing it this was a nice bottom glass well I’m telling you glass is the secret to filing their names this is beauty on the go in high school every single day for the up sophomore year I took like two trains to get to school and I just do my entire makeup including eyeliner on the train so you’re an expert yes except for the fact that I don’t know how to feed mail mail so yellow get off track they’re actually kind of orange this is harder than I expected what I feel like I’m drunk I’m gonna clench the basecoat bottle in between my thighs these are old yoga pants a time okay it’s still a sorry oh that made me worse I was worse when it still let me do actually this is harder every time someone makes announcement I always think it’s like someone who’s gonna kick us off I know it always happens but it’s never that leaves their problems today I find if you put less on the brush it’s a little easier to manage when you start moving around oh I just spoke too soon what can I have what color would you like I have many here on the subway we have Christine simply selection of hollows who also guess it’s like pretty good choice oh oh maybe the cap came off and there’s no brush oh yeah look good at all what’s going on there I did it wrong yes what I got what for dabbing so over the stencils Justin life gotta omega Twitter Gators take some nail polish my voice is we’ve got the vibrator that focus others better it’s okay if it’s out of focus because Paulo looks better flirt anyways take your sponge off we got a moment we’ve got a moment I’m gonna use these laughs to balance that’s okay to make my nail fab look at back Wow like I’ve never done a better job in my life I mean I certainly haven’t you can always do another color on your other hand my other hand oh the cemetery how do I use the stencils because I want to do you have the stencils yes they’re in the dark place Sofia now we’re gonna be like boys is that bad looking pretty shitty this isn’t my best work she’s actually my best work you know yeah oh yeah Oh what do you think about the simpler you know about we would hit off a lot more diesel it stopped in here nails I mean if you watch my following her tutorial video I think the answer is clearly no thank you for your kind words I’m just gonna use his leg here for some balance you know that’s where the magic happens fan your leg my thigh beautiful I just realized this is another part of the challenge it’s actually like the NuvaRing although it’s not just the actionable oh no I can’t fix my hair my hair is everywhere the next step is the glossy top yet Deb I think I’m gonna try and paint a shape on my nail I know it’s risky but very real Miller please don’t crash Oh what are you gonna draw it’s Voldemort’s nose rudimentary emoji it’s a domino think I’m going to try and do like an edgy black French tip oh yeah really charge $5 what are you saying it’s not worth it what’d you do she’s a victim of premature field work okay I’m almost ready for the Aussie table no one else so I’m winning at that you’re putting out something this severe would you like a unicorn I’m so lost and behind and everything’s sad oh that’s fun there’s whole thing I just I was so excited for the stencil and then it betrayed me and then now here we are and it’s not your fault it’s Kylie’s fault no it’s my fault I had to trade you with the PL out base coat [Music] excuse me I’m painting my nail that was actually sabotage almost ready for the basta taco okay how about you I’m done you didn’t do your other hand that’s a betrayal I don’t know a by your rules like some quitting sounds like someone’s just trying to minimize how bad a job they did I only doing one hand it’s not even giving myself a shot to redeem myself I’m just going with it oh we got 12 stops just like the Cloverfield shoot everything isn’t around I will share my glossy talk with you and I don’t share with many people who only close friends you’re saying that tell me what you’re gonna do we’re gonna drive you witness my death wait actually it worked pretty nicely yeah it’s not even talking anymore the works try it it’s the only thing not tacky here gossipy it go oh I hit them on the way out your middle finger painted what though is this quality content I had to put bread banger in the title so and that’s how you do your nails on the subway [Music] now that is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen oh my nails are stuck together let’s go check out the hollow I’m still confused why cringe look like she wasn’t on a subway she was just her nails at home you know what I think it is that my hands are usually shaky so the shaking in the subway helped me out this is not fair comment down below if you’ve ever tried to paint your nails on the subway I’d be impressed if someone had done that no make sure to check out the videos we filmed on their channels we ate a lot of food on Korean and Rob’s channel and we did science for your face News Channel we’ll see how that is all right I’ll be red carpet ready yes perfect thanks so much for watching I’ll see you later [Music] yeah [Music]

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