Painting Phil DeFranco’s kid’s nails

[Music] we’re gonna do a little introduction yeah yeah you know like how your dad normally does mm-hmm except we’re gonna do it my way okay hello everyone it’s me Christine again and I’ve got with me Phil and Lynn’s defranco’s childs why they gave me permission I don’t know what’s your name why don’t you tell everyone your name Trey different the Franco of my last name and trade my first love that the Tonys mr. Tony ain’t who’s James Dean is my man your middle name okay cool and we got your social insurance number two number two I went to Santa Barbara that say you have a show don’t you have a Santa Barbara show yeah they’ve been dubbed I’ve back yep how’s that going good so today I would like to paint your nails it’s my second day I’m feeling a sure you’re very busy yeah you’ve had your nails painted before right uh-huh and what did you have painted how many times I got my nails painted or maybe a lemon and what would you like on your nails today I take requests um my favorite color rain look I’m sorry did you just say your favorite color was rainbow mm-hmm do you know what hollow is oh my gosh right rainbow its rainbow but it’s moving rainbows I cheered they’re moving mainland not deaf no one will wane that’s right everybody I brought you a bunch of different colors so if you wanted like colorful nails and then we can put a moving rainbow on top how much nail polish does your mom have oh how many three why just have like a few more than her I can’t wait well this is what I brought from my Holling like a thousand or maybe I’m Jillian or maybe a billion well I don’t think I could fit a billion nail polishes in my house but I can fit about two thousand I think they’re too bad well not here but at my house do you know where I live California yeah but they do came from McKenna I came from I was born in Canada yeah but now you live in California I flew here on a plane just to paint your nails but how many minutes were you away on a plane to get here it was about five or six hours wait by how long it takes to get our bama have you been to Alabama yeah on a plane yeah Canada is so hot no no actually it’s very cold so what do you think of these colors train um I think I should choose fifth one if one this one and how many nails do up that is correct how’s school going if one for my first nail if one for my second oh this one for my mom I got a contractor fund for my for for my fist okay all right one more my sinful naive get one for my mind so we’re gonna do them in this order this is a 10 could I get you to put your hand right so this camera can see it see it’s watching you it’s making sure that your nails behave do mine behave if add me feet around here that is the color red I thought you were gonna say is there anywhere around here to eat and I was like I’m wondering the same thing what do you need for food around here can we feed you I hope they feed you will know why don’t feed you I ate it what’d you have for breakfast orange it sausage bitch it mom where was mine I’ve heard about this coat did you know that this nail polish is 15 years old it’s older than you yeah but I’m pardon that I don’t know about that but but you’re just listing this oh you got it’s only wood because it’s so small but it’s 15 years old it’s been alive for 15 years don’t worry it’s safe mom okay yeah I have cats like dog I like dogs there’s just a lot of work kind of like kids you know do you want kids um I already have a kid baby God what do you want more brothers and sisters your parents are shaking their heads feel like you need three more then we can call you a daddy is one five so do you like cats or dogs or other animals um I like all the animals yeah what’s your favorite all of them told you all I’m sorry little pay attention yeah I’m dry do you like space yeah me too like from people yeah when that white thing goes all the way up to the top red where are you looking and are you looking at the light seeing the audio peak on the cap oh that thing so if you yell don’t think the audio guys very happy right now by doing over there is that fun yeah we could try and like meditate now I’m like limitate but what’s vanity what does it do what’s the point yeah I asked myself the same question yeah now we’re painting a purple now a purple man yeah okay that one nope I want you don’t want this one I like that one you’re good at picking out colors what color is your room at home it has space stickers you have goal in the dark stars yeah I love gloom in our stars miss those then I’m gonna lose not really reefs when it’s that same this is hollow Tago moving rainbows like this my house oh we’re gonna do that door yeah I gotta paint your other hand first though oh maybe if we switch spots do we switch for a second or do that smiley so Trey I have a question for you do you watch YouTube yeah okay I hear you what’s your favorite channel isn’t that your show yeah he’s already a youtuber do you have any other channels that you like to watch like toys or trains or I hear you like Ryan’s toy review yeah you guys friends yeah like in real life yeah that’s cool what’s three times 365 I don’t know me neither I need a calculator anyways do it one thousand nine I think we both need a babysitter no no no we don’t tell the adults to go we’re good here we’re good here right here I’m so sorry let me fix that I’m fired okay nope Christine are you sure you don’t want kids are you a cat so did you have any candy this morning what kind of candy namitha you had a lollipop yeah well I have another one for you I brought you a maple syrup lollipop from Canada but you can’t eat it yet cuz your nails are wet so we’re just gonna have to put it over here these ones are ready too you can’t eat the nail polish you think that’s funny but like I tried it once and it’s not good okay now we’re gonna put on moving rainbows yeah this is called flaky hollow tacos because you know chuckles I love regular tacos but I also love hollow tacos what I love every doc go take it off that it would tip off that’s the truck and then even just ask your mom to redo it every week every week every week so trade do you think when you grow up you want to be a youtuber I don’t know but your falling off again I think your parents just gave you to me so I could babysit for this hour is that what they did [Music] now I’m gonna put on a top coat a glossy taco what so it’ll help keep your nails shiny and so they don’t chip yeah oh don’t put your hair you’re watching me very close I’ve never felt more pressure okay but wait look we got to wait for the phone flash that’s the the life hack it’s okay I don’t mind this funny I’ve been at VidCon for three days so I’ve been screened how are you how would you think I am 18 or 18 right how old do you think your dad is is he 18 he looks older than that do you want to see the Rainbows on your nails now yeah so what we’re gonna do is don’t scream into this okay do you see the rainbows yeah do you like them yeah you don’t want to scream now which hand do you like better [Music] can you put both your hands like this and give us a little finger show you want to go like this and make them dance in the camera okay so that’ll be $10 please what know like of money I have a lot of money you do that it’s at home mom where’s his allowance the next time you screams say subscribe no like do you want to tell people to subscribe to my channel do you have anything else you want to say about your nails do you like your nails yeah tre is there anything in your hair your hair looks really nice is it this is it this beautiful I can say that word you like sponsors I don’t get many of them so are you gonna do another Santa Barbara show Trey I can’t wait to listen to that one we’re gonna look at the camera and tell everyone thanks for watching thank you and you won’t see me babysitting we’ll see y’all later back run aways with your nails [Music]

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