Welcome to another popular video that everybody does on YouTube All right You guys asked us and we’re going to do with the pancake art challenge today The monkeys are going to challenge each other to make some creepy Drawing with pancake crackle crackle I use a ton of food coloring So I hope that the pancakes turn out. We have some photos some drawings then first things first I’m not really are going to drop us in the hole well finesse the leg and it the way I like it and This is in a minute. I don’t know the words, so let’s just go with the challenge Okay monkey the first design that you’re going to make with the pancakes out I’m gonna make mine blue. I make my gray okay, you can make it blue or red. Whatever these are still ugly, right? Yeah, okay cool alright So batter up that joke we have the play-By-play here by Papa It looks like each monkey has decided to go with a different color and a different skillset We have Mr.. Monkey starting off with the ball bearing What are they called ball bearings the bearings and this monkey going with the frame of the fidgets in air? Oh my God mine Was really bad you guys decide who makes the better fidget spinner no, it’s looking pretty good both you guys have some pretty Preview line iliaster your old man those are pieces. I’m no offense. They’re your outlet they look so sad Alright, we got We got monkey that’s the butt. That’s the monkey pancake dance. We got the red fidget spinner Video where the guy like goes around with the spatula, but like never spiders all right here, so I’m not resisting I don’t like it. No. I think it looks like after you open it. It looks like a three-Year-old all right What’s wrong with three-year-old I mean no offense, but like you guys can oh That doesn’t look too bad whoa All right, okay that was something you know what both you guys made some pretty amazing spigots bitter person You will be the judge – I’m the judge this smell delightful now I? Can’t be the judge you guys let us know the comments who made the better fidget spinner pancake Oh that let’s see Let’s have a look at the place like some hey, holy one man blues fidget spinner versus red a fidget spinner He totally went no. I’m gonna be here. I don’t know I don’t know oh by the way together like my nails I just pop hey All right, I’m gonna try to put a berry in the middle RSp. I’m in school Graham Okay, okay, whether I stop for the fidgets spinner right here. Do you guys want do that yay? Okay, what it’s like? When should be eating all that food coloring my nasal Okay, what’s your mouth? Oh? round two please do not try this without a parent or an adult or a guardian present with you because because We are dealing with a hot pan and we do not want little kids finger to get hey guys Okay, ladies and gentlemen we have these poop Emojis next round we have We got footage going that’s like some system an end. Oh Well can I go mustache or making from oh gee? Let me wipe it. No, I use real food Mr.. Monkey, and the poop emoji nice and easy for your sisters other speciality oh Nah, not bad baby And he started your poop emoji yet. No, she she made herself a pancake okay Alright. I’ll look at this Boys and girls is what comes out of your butt There’s Mr.. Monkey poop emoJi There we go there it is. Oh wow you guys are going all out? Oh my God That’s why you have me join emojis there it is. I’m gonna wait like bootleg bootlegged Intelligible egg emoji, whoo. Yeah enjoy your enjoy your pancakes well, how’s that? Amazing well my hands are mustache today, so spoon up, bring em. Oh So bad, no it does that it likes me. What know who you think once around to dig your radio voice? Yeah Hey Seto we got the emoJi Here is a station The monkeys got the giggles alright, who’s Gonna win this one? Oh? it’s Alright well oh Thumbnails this was going to make it. This is what’s going to get everyone watching like that? Oh? That good that is not a good tumble. E all right are you guys let us know in the comments? Who may be better? hart face emoJi All right here we go okay, lucky for the grand finale the piazza di da La Oh, she’s already gone because she saw the picture no. I just want to make a mini game is going To be like the most you like six pieces ever see this is a bootleg, pikachu I Said look my mini pancakes first because me matter more Yeah I’m okay noth-nothing. Thanks rusty Look at everywhere. Yeah So bad look you comin atcha Yo, those are some bootleg vhs Welcome to the bootleg pikachu contest who can miss the most look at you doing it? Yeah? Yeah, that’s pretty freakin amazing That’s a bootleg look at Pikachu you got it look be a lady – nice Club Well your pikachu’s are amazing guys you gotta use io because my few friends of you boom right? Come on Your folks your p. Did you would be the fermi Get you Is a serving what is that? Why it looks like like a character from five nights at Freddys? That looks like as five nights at Freddy’s character right there, you cook at hey I’ve no idea because again you are going to earn her finger. Yo girl Let’s give it Way to live No, it’s not no, it wasn’t told. It wasn’t totally wet out Hey, okay, ladies and gentlemen the big reveal who made the better pokemons Dominic had and that one looks like a puppy wearing a mask from five knows everything that’s better than I could make yeah You guys ready for my magic. Thank you Okay, guys. I hope you like that challenge Thanks for watching everybody, please let us know in the comments if you want to see any other challenges and now it’s time for the Master to flip his design everybody Really, this is real. Look look eight a pace car you guys are in your favorite to a pig you guys are here Thanks for watching everybody, please do like driving me to comments down below if you haven’t subscribed yet Please click on the icon on the left and a little thing will pop up and you get to subscribe if you already have subscribed Please forget everything that I have just said Is my radio border? I LOVE EHBEEFAMLIY!!!-KAWAII NERD


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