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today I’m gonna be opening up the April
Scrawlrbox! I don’t know if if you’re as excited as I am to open it but I’m
gonna pretend you are! ♪ okay so the art supply is… oh dang this is gorgeous okay so the art supplies are these Ecoline brush pens which I have used
before what is this baby?? It’s a little white kneaded eraser!? get it out of this clear
prison! come on out, baby! this is a kneaded eraser there’s a bit of a smell to it
– kinda smells like makeup. weird. I love kneaded erasers because the cool
thing about kneaded erasers is when you erase you know how you’ll get like those
eraser shavings everywhere and it’s just like a huge mess these erasers don’t
do that! they actually absorb the graphite instead so they’re kind of like
my go-to because growing up I drew a lot on my bed and you don’t want eraser shavings
in your bed let me tell you. [clap, clap] that’s all I’ll say about that I like the color
though I’ve only ever seen like the gray ones or in my case they turn black the
more that you use them, because they’re absorbing that graphite honestly it like
leaves bits of…[clappityclapclapclap]… everything on me so probably time to say goodbye [the that one] the Candy this month is this little fruit salad… candy. thing..? never had that
it’ll be exciting to try for a pencil we have the Viking element 1 graphite
writing pencil HB – there is no eraser but we do have this baby! I feel like I want to name this Beluga. are you seeing what I’m seeing? for pens we have these 2 Unipin fineliners
which I believe these have a little-yes they do! okay yeah! these are
different colors, this one’s dark grey and this is light grey but they do have
that cute feature that I love the little windows for the nibs hehe that brings me so
much joy that’s ridiculous this is 0.5 and this darker Gray’s I
actually 0.1 then finally the main attraction we have the Ecoline brush
pens. it looks like it’s the pastel pack it’s actually gonna be perfect because
this may be the April box but it is currently May
and I wanna draw some mermaids!! and these are actually watercolor brush pens.
that is some pretty packaging. – we have cold grey light, pastel rose, pastel violet,
pastel blue, and I’m gonna guess this is is this pastel green? yep! there we are
mmm so I believe these are brush tippy’s like so – and they’re filled with liquid
watercolor I have used one of these in the past and I really really liked it
but I used it in conjunction with like liquid watercolor and I think it
was a watercolor pencil and it worked really really well –
I’ll have that video linked if you want to check that out that actually went
really well now that I’m thinking about it – [whispers]
do these…connect? like this? No. I don’t know why… I thought maybe… eh. just
crushing all my hopes and dreams. see what kind of paper they’ve included. those don’t look very pastel I don’t know maybe some other people got other
colors – so the artist who created this beautiful calligraphy piece here is
Kiki B and you can find them on their Instagram @the.Kiki.b and then the
paper looks like we have some watercolor that’s nice and thick [wigglewiggle] a little bit off
white let’s see what they say about this okay I don’t think they mentioned the
paper that’s weird yeah they don’t mention the paper
usually they mention what paper this is so if you like it you can go out and buy
more of it but … no information on that I wonder if that means it’s a
Canson XL watercolor paper. [laughs] I’ve been doing all my Mermay pieces on on this paper right here so I’m gonna actually test the supplies on both in case I want to try
and you know go that route – I do roughly know how they work so I’m just gonna
swatch them out – okay yeah I don’t think I don’t think I’m gonna get away using
it on my cardstock now you see that these pens are actually transparent so
you can layer them on top of each other and I believe since they’re watercolor
you can actually blend them with water before putting them on the canvas – so
here’s a palette that I’ve used with my core watercolors and I’m gonna try some
of these cleaner spots adding water to these and seeing what happens –
I wonder if I should just put this in there or grab a brush? now you can see like the little gradient that that made and if you layer it
you’ll get like a nice darker color although I am noticing that this paper, it’s kind of like beads up if I go over it too many times with the
watercolor, I’m gonna have to keep that in mind – let’s start sketching out some
ideas here I definitely want to draw mermaids so I want to figure out the
pose the cool thing about doing mermaids is I think it really helps you create
more expressive lines in your characters because mermaids are usually very swishy
and floaty that’s why I would encourage anyone who’s interested to definitely
give Mermay a try let’s see here, maybe this fin is pointing out back, that’s
got interesting – I think my favorite part about this is just the way the hands are
or the arms more like, I guess I probably should mention that I am doing
Mermay so I’m trying to draw a mermaid everyday for the month of May and I’m
posting them all over on my Instagram so if you’re interested in seeing those
drawings and sketches I will have a link in the description where you can quickly check
that out if this video is boring you hehe and then when it comes to
hair with a mermaid I like to use it to like help lay out the
drawing so right now we have a very weird shape not sure I made the right
decisions but we can usually take the hair and kind of fix some mistakes so
like fill this white area I’m usually pretty lazy when it comes to
drawing scales so I’ll just draw the odd one here and there now while I had a
little too much fun with this sketch it doesn’t really layout the page and I do
want to draw it on this paper here so we need to keep that in mind when were
thumbnailing so we’re going to draw just a quick rough rectangle – oh wait! blubfish! what if she’s just like floating there or I supposed I could draw a dude [laughs] hmm this one’s kind of boring me let’s try again I am using the watercolor
paper so I would like to try throwing on some colors what happens if you do put
it over the graphite does it make a mess oh we’re gonna have some like hue shifts here it’s actually pretty – so I can use
these over pencil, although there is a little bit of a discoloration on the tip
there I could try something a little bit more dramatic for a pose with like
foreshortening and stuff like like this is her shoulders, hands are going way
back, then her body would get really small in the bacground! like that ishh? should be like looking straight up
kind of like Ariel coming out of her Cove- here’s a tip! if you can’t figure
out how to draw it small you’re probably not gonna be able to draw it larger which is why thumbnails are a great place to start can’t forget a little blub fish maybe the hair is going
behind her? so after a few sketches the only thing that’s really like inspiring
me like the part of like the most are like the way these arms are. what if we
didn’t do a full body shot like mostly head and torso then we can fit
those arms in I want the tail bend this way? is that a bit of a stretch? so that
we can like pull the tail back into the frame – might work! it’s a little crazy
since there’s so few scales in this picture maybe I can actually go ahead
and draw them all! maybe the bra can be made out of like a bunch of shells – get
some tone in here see where that looks good – Try and keep the drawing inside the squares as much as possible so I can have a
better visualization of what that’s going to look like maybe Blowfish could be
right here yeah he fits there! that’s kind of cute and some nice bubbles for aesthetic purposes yeah let’s move on to our sheet
of paper – this is where it gets a little nerve-racking don’t want to mess up! the
head is like in the top-left ish bit here – we want to draw really light and
really make sure we get the shapes and everything fitting on to the page (that’s
the hair by the way) shoulders are kind of tucked down that
way – it takes a good eye to realize what the differences are between two sketches
especially when you’re trying to make them the same – I think it’s this area right
here . I bring this hand down a bit kind of fill that space then we have blubfish
up here , happy as can be, then her tail we wanted it to come back around I
wonder if I could grab this other piece of paper that we’re not using, let’s
figure out where this will be mhhm…now thats way lower isn’t it?
we hadn’t like filling in this space but I feel like this makes more sense
anatomically although mermaids are mythical right – we can draw them however we
want. maybe they have very long tails personally I kind of like this because I
feel like it all points up towards their heads now like this tails pointing up at
the faces the hair kind of like points up at the face the body you know it’s
kind of what I’m thinking about what I’m doing this get this nose but I don’t
know I’m rendering anything I’m going to erase the pencil aren’t I? my bad. I got
lost in the drawing, I guess. cool thing about the kneaded eraser you can actually
just like rub it back and forth like this and it’ll pick up some of the lead/graphite
not taking all of it and then you can kind of fix some mistakes without having
to worry about like scrunching the paper when you’re like eerrggghhhhhh let’s make these
straps more ropey so maybe they’re like made out of nots.
I feel like fighting myself because sometimes I like to keep it really
simple and sometimes I like to go in with a little bit more details and it
basically just comes down to parts start getting like boring and repetitive and
you want to change it up a bit for the most part I kind of do the same thing
over and over again and I’m happy so good enough for me – straight across I
don’t think I’ve done that yet so this fabric goes into the back and
then there’s like a tie in the back but then the ropes also come up in front and
like crisscross a bit – they criss-cross probably in the center here just make
sure that happens, guess that would look something like this and then maybe this
fabric is like overlaid with some seashells figure out how that would look use some basic shapes for now pearls kind of lining the top there we also
need some scales down here what if she has a hat? like a Narwhal?
it’s just one of those hats that you kind of like had to pin into your hair – it’s like
only on the side or it could be one of those shells that just looks like that [clicking thinking sounds] that’s kind of interesting give some visual interest to the top half of
the drawing here not too shabby more elegant a little bit more like
vintage like…is that 50s or 40s? that swoop? although they would be pulled much closer to
the forehead but you know inspired wave I like it because it looks like it’s
like kind of following the flow of the water – oh we still didn’t do this hand
shoot where is that supposed to go? and she has a very large head but I only just
realize that so I’m not really willing to do anything about that I’m not going
to put a lot more detail into these shells because this sketch kind of gives
me enough to work with and then I can just do it with the line art otherwise
I’m kind of doing the same job twice I need blubfish maybe the
tail goes back that way erase, erase, erase. draw draw draw! feel like
that eye is too far to the left yeah I like that better yeah I like that a lot
better so what I’m going to do take the kneaded eraser you kind of just rub
the drawing so that we lighten it up see how it’s collecting on there and then I
don’t have to worry about you know scrunching the paper (Although, this is probably gonna get all over my hand isn’t it) like this so now I have a nice light sketch
that I can work with with the line art and I believe if we like stretch this
out even out the graphite, there we go belugas back! I’m going to start with
0.5 and do the eyeliner, I like that to be pretty bold –
I won’t color in the eyes in case we want to color them – we basically just
trace over all our favorite lines the more work you did in the sketch layer
and time you put into figuring out which lines you like the best the easier
the line art stage is because you know you’ve already laid that groundwork even
after erasing most of the pencil it’s a very similar color to this is light gray
so I kind of like have to stop and think “did I do that already?”
no I didn’t okay let me go over that I’ve been kind of challenging myself to
put as few lines into the hair as possible and still having it look like
hair, sometimes I fail and it just like yeah screw it and I put in a tone of lines but each time I start a drawing I try my best 2 ropes down let’s do these seashells that I left for later. it’s later now! I think that’s
turning out pretty good actually no complaints so far kind of messed up that shell but we won’t
talk about it there we go getting somewhere now we
need some more ropes down here this hand I’m a little concerned about – we’ll see ♪ got a
finger and another finger eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh…okay…they are a little….it’s alright nothing’s nothing’s ruined yet alright it’s a little french fry-y, but it’s fine that’s a little less french fry –
there we go now that the line art is done we can go in with Beluga again here
and erase some more ♪ boo-boo-boo-boo-boo! ♪ there we go next step we want to add
some colors although wait!! -I want to take a picture of this so I can keep it
as line artall right pictures taken see we wanted a very light blue skin just a
little bit of water there and then let’s try that let’s do it in an area you
might not look at first test that out I think my goal is to kind of try and get
a nice base layer without too many streaks before I like going in and start
adding in maybe shading or texture since these are transparent it’s kind of a
little tricky – I gotta work fast I get a little darker here might be in shadow
I always like to wait a little bit before doing the face- wait until I get a
good grasp of the art supplies so we can try and avoid too many streaks like if
you make a mistake in the art whatever but like the face I want it to like kind
of showcase that maybe I do kinda know what I’m doing sometimes..? on occasion? a
little bit of shading along the hairline maybe trying to add a little blushy
blush to the nose – a little bit of a hue shift you see how it’s like eating the paper a
little bit? I’m not really sure this paper is what I would suggest for these
markers personally now once this purple gets its life back we can start doing
the scales maybe kind of trying to avoid some of the scales give it more fun
texture then we go in with the pink and fill those in – I really like the color
that creates when you layer the pink and the purple maybe outline some of these
shapes with the purple and create shadows as it layers on top of
itself – I’m gonna dilute the pink a little and maybe come up on the blue bit create a
gradient and then in the background here we want this to be very dark purple let
me go over it one layer of purple okay I don’t know why it’s freckling over here
but that looks kind of gross not a fan wonder if I was supposed to use the other side
of the paper or something? weird. because when I try to get like a really dark
color it’s not too pretty just to go in with the hands, i’m going in with a light
purple kind of add some texture to the hands here little fleshiness yeah you
can only layer them so much it’s not like bleeding through the paper or
anything it just creates that ugly freckling — then I think I wanted the hair
kind of the same color that let me try and not make the same mistakes I did
with that – ah. crap. I’m gonna have a line there. my bad.
try to fill the sections, I always get really frustrated when the art supplies
I feel like are fighting me like whenever I try to use this pen on this
paper more than once it like peels the paper and you get these like it’s almost
like like eraser shavings but it’s the paper and I feel like that just makes
your art look very very amateur and it kind of frustrates me and it’s not fun
fun (that’s-that’s that’s the blunt of it really) see see where it’s got the
weird dark patches? that’s what’s happening the worst – yeah it’s like
impossible to get a nice even coverage with this I think that’s the paper
though not these markers because I these markers on nicer paper. was it just
the Canson paper? and I do not remember having this trouble yeah I think it was
Canton XL watercolor paper and it did not have this problem – yeah you get like
the first layer down but then as soon as you try to get it any darker: hold tight
youre in for a bumpy ride! this sea shell, I think I’ll have i:t I wanted it to be light
pink do some color around the eyes a little bit here maybe some pink eyeballs
pupils whatever all right now I’m a little worried about the background cuz
I wanted to do a little bit of layering for that but I mean we’re already just
deep in and I did take a picture of the line art so I still have something I like let’s layer a little bit of green so I want it to be solid green at the bottom –
let’s do the small section first – do a couple layers of that – have it come up a little bit here that’s a little bit murky and then
try putting some blue over top like a light blue looks like that – I don’t know – doesn’t
look the way it did here maybe needs more blue? but I’m getting that speckling
that I really really don’t like and then as it goes at the top I should be just
blue it could probably get white at the top if there’s enough Sun there right? not sure
it really looks the way I expected it to something about this looks way
water-y-er – I think it’s the splotchiness of that – so lets color in splotches create shapes I do think that actually looks better a little bit more like the
thumbnail at least my favorite part of this drawing right now is this hand
right here I feel like there’s no beading it’s nice and I don’t know it’s
just the way I it pictured it in my head it kind of looks (for the coloring)
but the rest of this I don’t know can you see how gross that looks? it
looks like I used like Crayola watercolors and I’ve used these art
supplies in the past and they have not done that… so I think I’ll
have to blame the paper I don’t like here I actually have [growlz] I was
really happy with the way the sketch is going I feel like I put an adequate
amount of time into it and then the colors just yeah look at it I feel like
it doesn’t even look as bad as it’s making me feel but like I wanted to
darken up this hair a couple more times so that it was darker than you know the
rest of the purple in the drawing but when I do that it just looks worse so I
think I’ll just leave it — I tried can you tell? you see the little bits
that’s the paper just shredding underneath the the marker – see those little
bits?! that’s just the paper I don’t know man but I do like the illustration I
created before I put the color on yeah I never listed the paper – well, at least we’ve
got a little Beluga here there’s a bright side anyway I do want to thank
you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed watching me unbox the April Scrawlrbox
even if the end result wasn’t what I was expecting… it was a fun process up until……………… … I don’t even know what to say… yeah thank you guys for watching I do want to thank
Scrawlrbox for sending me this box for free to try out and to share with you guys
and don’t forget I am doing 31 mermaid drawings over on my Instagram if you
want to follow me there thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next
week I hope you have a delicious evening Full of WAFFLES! BYE! ♪ ♪


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