Photoshop modern artwork tutorial – create a space collage

what’s up guys Fred here and today we’re
going to create this amazing artwork as you can see it looks kinda magical I
would say and here we have these beautiful lines with this beautiful
glowing space or I don’t know what else can we call this and I posted on
Instagram a few months ago and it went pretty good, it got like 254 likes
and I was asking people what would actually name this thing and they were
saying like glowing shadows or whatever else anyway like she is a galaxy you
know you can also come with some interesting names but anyway doesn’t
really matter let’s get started so first of all let’s go to photoshop let’s go to
file and new and we are going to create project with
width 1000 height 1 250 it must be pixels here that’s very important
resolution 300 column mode RGB color and let’s press create so if you want to
follow along and get exactly the same images what I would suggest you to do is
for example this we have here two images that we are going to work with first one
is this image and if you want to download it just go to unsplash and then
/ @ lily pad like that this is a woman that actually I’m sorry this is a woman
that actually made this image so yeah you can download it here and use it in
your own project and the second image that we are going to use actually is
going to be this image here and you can also download it you have to go to
unsplash and then to Jesse Bowser so you can find the link here basically
anyway so let’s now take the image and this is the first image and put it
inside Photoshop and first of all let’s make sure there are no empty spaces left
let’s make it bigger let’s press okay so and also let’s go to layers and delete
this background layer because we don’t really need it cause the first thing
that you will notice is that we are going to have our pattern basically our
processing the space thing only on the white color and that’s actually pretty
easy to do so first of all let’s take just any image doesn’t really matter if
you take the image for example you can take any
patterns that you want to use it doesn’t really matter if you use my pattern or
not I’m just gonna go with this one let’s say let’s just put let’s say is
this way yeah let’s put it here and let’s make this big like this okay so
as I said we can use any pattern you can just go to unsplash and type here
pattern and you’ll find different images and you can use any of them so what do
we have to do let’s turn this off let’s now select this image go to select color
range and now for example we can press on the white color and if I press on
white you will see here that we have all everything that is white is actually
selected everything that is black is not selected so here you can play with
fuzziness for example if I make this higher we have more selected white if I
make this less we have less white selected so make this somewhere in the
middle like this and press ok and now we get this selection that has selected
only the white colors so when we have this selection let us choose our pattern
let’s turn it on and now when your pattern is selected you I can press here
and see what happens now we see our pattern only on the white spaces on the
right places so for example if I turn this off now pattern turns its own
pattern if I turn the image off as you can see we can see where the pattern is
actually located so that’s pretty cool that basically means we can now use any
pattern we want to so for example let’s say you want to change the pattern to
something different so we can just press right here and then we can go to replace
contents and choose any other image for example this one here and you see you
can see the pattern is replaced by get against the problem is that this pattern
is too small so let’s say we want to make it bigger of course what do we have
to do first of all press here so there is no link between the size of the mask
and the size of the image because we want to change the size of the image we
want to make the image bigger but at the same time we want to make sure the mask
doesn’t change so we can press on say and
again if you don’t know how masks rock actually works go to my youtube channel
and in the search type there mask and you will see I have the two lessons
regarding how masks rock so choose this is your pattern and then just go to edit
free transform and make sure you increase the size I would also rotate
this like this so now let’s press ok as you can see again we change the pattern
so you can try different you can try out different like patterns if you want to
and I think you are probably notice here that we have here this kind of white
line which actually looks really really bad I would say and there actually few a
few things you can do first of all let’s delete this mask here so just take the
mask and put it in the trash bin turn this off select your image again go to
select color range and now select again the white colors but this time makes the
fuzziness to the maximum okay let’s just try this out also you can get closer and
for example you can take this plus tool and add more colors to select so for
example we selected all the white colors now I want also to select the gray
colors so if I press it also selected the great colors and like this we make
sure we have less borders so let’s press ok and also make prices to the max so I
guess you can see now our selection is much bigger which is good now if we go
here turn this on and create the pattern and see what happens now it looks much
much better true true so when we did that
finally let’s go and grab our pattern that we were using I mean for example
this one let’s bring this here so again let’s press ok here ups and again we
were using different patterns just for experiment I want I wanted to show that
you can use any other pattern and create something that belongs to you some some
unique artwork that is yours and not just copy what I did so let’s just turn
this on and the problem here is that we have here this legs and is like if we
for exam if I take this pattern and I put it to
this image so for example let’s turn this off now we can take this mask
basically and just move it up and when you see the selected layer just release
and as you can see we have now this pattern on we have now basically this
mask on this pattern and the problem is that right now we can see the legs which
is really bad so I just go back I’m sorry one minute I am sorry wait let me
just let’s see with me for a second ok so now
let’s create in your empty wear okay now we want to make sure we remove the legs
here and for example now we can choose Spot Healing Brush tool here the first
one and the Spot Healing Brush tool is going to help us to remove the legs
that’s why we go here you go here we make this adult with bigger and even
even bigger I would say like this we also make sure you have your content
that were selected make sure you have here sample always selected also make
sure you have your doing is on a new layer ok that’s very important and now
for example we can try to remove this her legs or his legs I don’t know
and now it’s do the same here and look perfect no evidence of legs at all so
now we have to make sure that we have to put both of them in the mask in order to
do that we have to create a group so select this layer now hold hold ctrl or
comment and select the second pattern this where and not just press here on
the group when you press on the group as you can see another group for example if
I press here I can open the group if I press here again I can close my group
and now what I wanted you to do yes I want you to do that take this mask here
and bring it up like this and just release it and see what happens now this
mask is on this group and that’s why everything that is in this group is
going to be in the mask automatically so perfect now we can like delete this
thing need and that’s it basically you see how
easy was that let me see actually how long is this tutorial just nine minutes
I mean that’s nothing guys come on and what actually so I really hope you
enjoyed this tutorial if you want to get more make sure you subscribe because I’m
creating daily daily cool video tutorials and I try to be as different I
possible and by that I mean I try to create tutorials that you can’t find on a
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you enjoy this tutorial and see you on the next lesson bye
okay that was too emotional

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