Pixel Painting: Dollightful 2018 Banner Art SO MANY CHARACTERS

Annyeong! Welcome to Dollightful. It’s been a while since I made a digital illustration, and it’s also been a while since I created my first channel artwork. I still like that painting but I feel I can do better now. So it’s time for something new! I start off with a very rough sketch just placing the characters around generally where I want them. On a new layer above the rough draft I fine-tune the line work for more clarity and definition. I don’t bother making the line work perfect because I’ll paint over most of it anyway. I treat digital painting a lot like regular painting which is why I tend to use very few layers.. I would definitely have arranged things differently if it was a normal drawing but the banner rules make it kind of tricky. Because it’s going to be a banner and appear in different aspect ratios on different devices, the most important stuff has to be in the center. So just like last time it’s got this kind of weird composition. With the lines all in place I zoom out to the full picture and rough in the colors on a layer underneath my lines. Hopefully it’s obvious, but I’m going for a super colorful almost rainbow spectrum color palette. It’s a big, complicated, loud composition and I want the colors to accentuate that, might as well roll with it, right? With the colors in place, it’s time to start painting on top or rendering each character one by one. I started with my own face or I guess more accurately Mini Katherine’s face. The lines looked cute, but as I painted on top the expression became kind of crazy-looking? I’ve said it before in other videos, but it seems there’s a fine line between cutely wide-eyed and excited and just plain crazy eyes. I’ll revisit Yandere Katherine again down the line, don’t worry Next up is Eevee! It was hard choosing who to put in the front, but I thought Eevee is a good representation for the entire Eeveelution line of dolls I made. Plus she makes a nice darker colored contrast against Mini Katherine. I also chose to include Nova in the front lineup despite my many troubles with making that doll. I almost decided against even posting her video. She quickly became a fan favorite against all odds. So I guess she deserves more credit than I give her. I feel bad for ragging on her so much in the video now. Maybe it’s because everyone can relate to messing up and getting frustrated with their artwork. I don’t know. Next is little Sherbet Blossom, my first Unicorno custom from my first ever video on the channel. She was in my first channel artwork, too. Macaroon had to be in front too because she’s one of my favorites. And yes, people told me that I meant Macaron in her video. I researched it a little bit and turns out both macaroons and macarons, share a common ancestor if you will, which is why the names are so similar and confusion persists to this day. Pretty interesting actually. So yes, I was thinking of the macaron when I made the doll, but I think it’s too late. Her name is Macaroon. So I’m just perpetuating the confusion in time. Oops And yes, I put a shape over Mini Katherine’s face because I didn’t want her staring at me. We’ll just keep it on for a while longer. Next is Charlotte Copperchain, which was the doll I made for Anastasia Custom for a swap event. I didn’t think about it during the sketch phase, but the pink on pink colors with Macaroon’s hair looks pretty bad. They want to mold into a single pink blob shape, so I have to separate them somehow. Ayako had to be prominently displayed too of course. Sometimes I get asked what my favorite doll is among the customs I’ve made and that’s a hard question because it changes a lot. I think right now as I record this my faves are Ayako and Macaroon. Although I’m really fond of my Mermaid Cora as well. Hopefully, it comes across with the characters I created but I love making dolls in a variety of styles. I try to have a large scope with my artwork because I’ve never been the type to limit myself to one thing. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Of course there are artists who do the opposite. I know many talented artists who study and perfect one type of face to the point where it’s the most beautiful thing in existence. I could never do that. I think I’m way too experimental and I always want to look at something new. I’m interested to hear how you guys approach your artwork. Are you an all over the place jack-of-all-trades type of artist or perfectionist of a specific niche? Or something else. I really would like to know. That’s what makes artistic expressions so incredible, because it’s as varied as there are types of people in the world. Sorry, may have gone off on amusing there. That’s why I write scripts for my videos. I had to pose Ty in a way that shows off his mechanical arm. I tried to use rougher brushes and more texture on his character to make him appear rugged and masculine. Although he’s still surrounded by poofy pink dolls, so what can you do? Peeking out from Ty’s mohawk we have my tiny Christmas angel doll accompanied by the mini Unicornos which were both sweets themed. I was just bragging about how I love variety, but I do admit I come back to sweets as a topic fairly often, don’t I? I thought it’d be funny to have Xerneas in the back, clearly way too big to fit in the photo with everybody else. Maybe not even sure what’s going on. Vaporeon and Jolteon made it in and Flareon does too although I add her at the end. That way Eevee and the original three Eeveelutions were all together which felt right. He’s probably keeping an eye on me, or wondering like him and Ty are the only dudes in the photo. Cupcake is another fave of mine and of course she’s sweets theme. I thought her character would be the type to really ham it up and pose all cutesy-like with the heart arms. Kind of like me in real life. Cora is jumping up in the background here presumably out of water, but who really knows? If it looks good in the composition, it doesn’t have to make complete sense, right? Because she has brightly colored three toned hair, it gets a little confusing with the fins because they are also the same color. I pull out the fin’s edges later on but decided to leave the hair as sort of abstract blocks of color. She’s in the background anyway, I didn’t think it had to be really clear. I really wanted Khairin in this photo because this doll reminds me of my mom, so she’s cheering me on back there. Once again, we have a similar color issue like with the pink, so I’ll have to separate these shapes somehow. I did some environment/background artwork for a game called Skyhook a couple years ago and it called for a lot of ice and crystalline structures. I drew so many crystals that I got pretty good at it. So it’s basically all thanks to that job I can whip up sparkly gems fairly easily now. Just goes to show drilling something you’re weak at helps you improve. Because there weren’t enough characters, I popped my most recent stock box series doll way up at the top. A couple more characters even made it in at the last minute after her, but I wasn’t recording because I swear I was almost done. You guys know that feeling you’re like, “Okay, it’s done now,” and then 10 to 20 more things come to your attention. Then you’re like, “Okay, seriously, it’s done.” The last thing I want to show you before we call it finished is a nice trick with the layer blending modes. I often struggle with color and tend to make each separate object its own separate color, which isn’t great for painting. I want more gradients of colors within the clothing, skin tones, hair, etcetera. So I paint all sorts of blue and purple shadow colors onto a separate layer and then set it to color. See how much more wholesome and interconnected the painting looks with that? Ideally I could think to paint it this way the first time, but it’s a handy tool to have. I also painted on highlighting in certain places which I felt could use more separation, like the similarly colored characters and also to make the gems appear more glowy glowy. Because you can never have too much sparkle. I considered foreground sprinkles or maybe flowers but nah. It’s already a complicated image it didn’t need it. And with that this massive illustration is done. Obviously it’s sped up but if we total the original footage’s time it took me about 14 hours. That’s double my usual for a digital painting, wow. There were so many characters. This digital painting will be available for purchase on my Society 6 store if you’d like to own it in any way shape and form. Or if you just like to use the digital file for personal use like desktop wallpaper. I’ve included a link to that below in the description box as well. I wanted this drawing to be packed full of characters that represent Dollightful of course. But I also hope it makes you feel happy and welcomed, and that you’re going to have lots of fun here together with everybody. That is what I tried to depict in this painting, and that’s also how I hope you feel when you watch a Dollightful video. So, thank you so much for watching and stay artsy! Annyeong!


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