Pool Lesson | When To Use Spin And Draw

In this lesson I will show you a very interesting thing that really changed my whole game. This lesson deals with spin and draw shots to get position. As an example, I set up the most popular shot in pool that you already know from one of my other lessons. The link is (as always) at the end of the video. So this is the shot. We got a little bit of an angle – maybe a 30 degree angle. How do we play the shot? Well, the first option is to play it with low – hit the rail somewhere. This area right here is always okay, and we get position for this ten ball. Another option is to hit it with low right – just a little supporting English. Yeah, we hit the rail again – a little more up table, but not much. So low or low right is okay in this case. Now we are moving the cue ball a little bit so that we have a bigger angle. The shot now looks like this: What happens if we play just with low in this case – can we get up table? Well, just let’s find out. In this case, I hit the cue ball just with low and I scratched into the side pocket If I would have hit it a little softer, or with more quality in my draw shot, I could maybe have gone above the side pocket or for sure go above the side pocket But I want to go Towards where my chalk is in this case So in this case, I will play the cue ball with low right So the supporting right English brings me up table again, and I have a perfect shot on the 10 ball. Now so far this wasn’t something special I guess or I bet all of you knew how to play this shot But now comes the interesting part This is the same shot that I had to play with low right to get up table. But now I’m deciding Okay, I don’t play low right and just gonna play it with right spin – no bottom on the cue ball The question is am I now able to go up table? Well, let’s find out As you see I was able to hit the cue ball really soft because I don’t have to add the bottom spin – just rolling cueball with a lot of right spin. So no need to hit the cue ball hard If you want to follow the ball or draw the cue ball back, you always have to hit with a little more pace, but if you add right or left spin you can just roll the cue ball – hit it really soft. Left or right spin is just way more consistent than draw or follow But now the big question is: why can I play the cue ball low right and go up table, and why can I play it with just right and also go up table? Well, there are two big things. First: Imagine a cue ball. Now see we’re hitting low right on the cue ball. If I now move the contact point to the center of the ball, you see how much right spin I’m actually giving and you see it’s not that much. If you hit at the center of the cueball, you can always give the most amount of right or left spin because the area is just bigger in this case. You can go more to the right or the left than if you are hitting low or high on the cue ball. That’s the first case – we can just give more spin to the cue ball. The second thing (and yeah, it’s a really huge topic) is: Throw. I don’t know if you guys ever heard about throw. There are two types of throw – cut-induced throw and spin-induced throw. I’m not gonna talk about throw in this video. The only thing you have to know is: If you add right spin on the cue ball and you hit the object ball, the right spin throws the object ball to the left. That means you can hit the object ball thicker, because the right spin throws the object ball to the left. And if I’m able to hit the object ball thicker in this case, the line that the cue ball travels after contact with the object ball is a different line. And in this case, the cue ball goes a little more to this side. That means I can add more spin so I’m going to throw the cue ball more to the left. that means I can hit thicker – a thicker contact means I’m going this way, and the spin grabs, and that’s why I can play the shot with just right spin. Now my personal opinion is: In my case, I always play this shot with just right spin, because the first thing is: speed control is much easier. The second thing is: you can hit the cue ball softer. So you’re playing pocket speed. So, if you aren’t a hundred percent at the center of the pocket, the ball will still drop because you’re hitting at pocket speed. Those are the two reasons why I prefer to play this ball with right spin instead of low right. And now we even have a bigger angle Many many players would now think “OK. No chance to get up table with a cut on the 9 ball. I’m going to bank the ball and draw it back up table.” But now you see how huge and how powerful this just spin shot is. You can hit the 9 ball so thick and give so much right spin and just play it soft and – you see how far the cue ball goes up table? Yeah, with just hitting this with right spin – no low. In my early years, I always played this shot with low or low right because I had no idea how powerful this spin shot is. And as you see, this is a huge angle and you’re still able to cut the ball in and go just with a soft hit with right spin up table. Now we have to discuss when this just-right-spin ball is effective. In this case, I have a smaller angle and if I roll the cue ball in, the natural path of the cue ball is going forward. So, the right spin won’t work in this case Yeah, you have to hit the cue ball with low or low right. But, the bigger the angle becomes, the more effective the right spin will be, and the easier the shot will become to play just with right spin. As the angle becomes bigger and bigger, you see how the spin that I have to give to the cue ball changes. The 45-degree angle means you can play both variations or combine them – play with low right or just right or a little low and a little right and if you’re over 45 degrees then you will have to add more of the right spin and not add too much low So let’s summarize the whole thing real quick There are some shots where you can play with low, with low and spin or just with spin – depends on the angle. The less angle you have, the more you have to hit low on the cue ball and draw the cue ball. The bigger the angle gets, the easier it is just to play it with spin. Why do we do this? First, speed control is much easier. Second, you can hit the object ball at pocket speed. That means if you’re not hitting dead center in the pocket, the object ball will still drop. Another very important thing is: if you’re hitting low on the cue ball, you will never really know how much low arrives at the object ball, because the low at some point disappears. If you’re hitting left or right spin, the spin doesn’t disappear as fast as low or follow. That means it’s easier to calculate the line that you bounce out of the rail on with spin. Remember – spin doesn’t disappear as fast as low or high. Well, that’s it. If you have any questions, just comment. Yeah, it’s a huge topic with spin and low and throw and all that kind of stuff, but if you have questions – just feel free to ask. Maybe I will make another video about the topic because it’s just a lot of information that I gave you guys. Sorry for that, but I hope you learned something. Don’t forget to Like, don’t forget to subscribe. Leave me a thumbs up, and we will see you at the next lesson. Take care.


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