Powerpoint Text Art tutorial: Create beautiful typography in seconds

In this video, we are going to see how to convert this sentence into a nice-looking slide like this. This is
typically called typographic art or text art I’m not suggesting that you do it
for every slide, but slides which are high significance – when we are showing
some important concept – it is worth taking that effort. And trust me
the effort is not much. So let’s get started. First of all, I want to break the
sentence into smaller pieces so I’m just going to cut this text and paste it into the
bullets area. Now I’m going to cut it into the pieces I want. Once it is in the
bullets we can convert it to a SmartArt. I’m using SmartArt as a quick method to
change this individual pieces and put them into their own text boxes. You could
have done this manually by copying pasting but I find this simpler. Now this
SmartArt is purely temporary. I say convert to shapes. Now these are individual
shapes and I can ungroup them. While they are ungrouped I’m going to change many
things: Remove unwanted fill color and the border and I’m going to
put some text color. I don’t need this text box so I’m going to delete it. This is the background of the slide.
Let’s make it black so things stand out. I want to only focus on this world hungry and
I want to hide all of them temporarily. This is done from Selection Pane available at
home select Selection Pane a better option would be hide all and
just enable this guy. I don’t want it uppercase I’m just going to make it lower
case and increase the font size shift control greater than is a fast past way to
increase the font size. And I want this to be a chunky font so I’m going to
take Arial Black. From a design point of view Arial black is not a favorite font
but this is just for demo purpose. Now I have a picture showing some food. I copy that picture and paste it here and I’ll send it to back this picture I’m going to arrange in
such a way that the food I want to show through the font is overlapping. Now
while the picture is selected I press shift and click on the text. Both are selected.
Now we go to Drawing tools Format and choose Intersect from here. Intersect
is a very powerful feature: it looks at the common area where both objects overlap
and that part of the picture becomes part of the text. Of course at this stage
now text is no longer editable. It has become a single image. Now I say show all and hide the picture for
the time being move them around so that the picture doesn’t overlap and then I say
show all and arrange everything. And finally we get this nice looking
slide. So try this out yourself and share it with your friends and
colleagues. If you like it, subscribe to this YouTube channel as well as
Efficiency 365.com which is my blog That’s all for now. Thank you


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