Prati Roju Pandaage Trailer | Sai Tej, Raashi Khanna, Thaman, Maruthi | Dec 20th Release

Lung cancer. Advanced stage. He’ll last for a maximum of 5 weeks. I’m unable to figure out how to
schedule 5 weeks for this, elder brother. It is you who has to perform
the last rites as the eldest son. That is the rule but not a compulsion. We have to catch up
with the changing times. The desires should also die with age. Grandpa… -[making machine gun sound]
-Ow! All the things that you wanted
to do but couldn’t start them, and all the things that you have
started but couldn’t finish them… Let’s do them now. -Ram
-[gasps] Granny is here. This is your last chance
to meet her. Be strong. We can’t stretch your love story by holding
a small thread as how Gautam Menon does. You have to go to her, talk about wedding,
run to your elders, get their approval, get married and
ultimately, have the first night. What do you think Angel Arna is? I… I… I don’t want it. Where the hell did you
find this Rajahmundry girl? Your father hails from Rajahmundry! What’s
wrong if your wife too hails from the same place? “You’re my high” You’ve come up with
last wish and blah blah! My son doesn’t obey me.
How would I expect that from his son? You’re having no dearth of
logics even in your last days. Wohoo! Is this really your final stage? -[coughs]
-Oh no! Raghu! Father… Semi-finals. From the makers of the movie
BHALE BHALE MAGADIVOY [screams] PRATI ROJU PANDAGE In the movie ‘Sathamanam Bhavati’ Prakash
Raj would fake to his children about divorce and they’d come running to him
without questioning anything. Did we too fall for that in the
similar manner and came here running is the small doubt which we have. Father! -Just kidding…
-Kidding… Kidding… PRATI ROJU PANDAGE

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