Prince of Wales visits the Arts and Crafts House

I think the the partnership we’re now in our third year and each year i think we that the partnership is getting stronger and what the show stands for and what the foundation stands for is becoming rulings its wine and yeah the Prince’s house is pretty central in the idol honcho this year and it’s certainly it’s the it’s the core of our editorial content in the shower I think what we’ve achieved in the last two years is the shown the very best in new housing design that’s sustainable and really quite beautiful and houses that people want to live in and the princess foundation and the princess houses have been key to that we’re exception proud that the Prince of Wales have opened the idol hangzhou buddy it also harked back on a 104 year history we have a long history where monarchs and members of the royal family of opened the idol hon chung and i think what the prince opening the show has done is it really puts the idol hung shown at the level where it should be today has just been fantastic unbelievable really I mean to have as well Highness the Prince of Wales here on the rope and endowed the shore actually cutting the ribbon was brilliant and I took them to undershirt house as well and you looked at I mean really genuinely loved it it’s going to be a house often have a massive impact at the shore to be honest it could look on any better you it’s just a wonderful opportunity to promote local food and our area you know under an amazing umbrella really and it’s because there isn’t a better umbrella than than the princes foundation we first started to work with the princes foundation about three years ago and it’s been really interesting because i think it’s led us into a new way of thinking about sustainability and ecology we’ve been supplier of paints and wallpapers to the princes house for the last two years and it’s been a really good exercise for us because we had a linkage with the princes house not only here at the ideal home show but also with the team that’s behind that house and the philosophy of the construction what the Prince’s house does that other houses don’t necessarily do when you think of eco houses you think of a spaceship that’s just landed in a green field somewhere what the Prince’s house does is it meets all of the requirements for cutting-edge sustainable building but it actually is a house that you want to live in you

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