Printmaking Collage Elementary Art Lesson

alright what we’re going to do today is make our print the first thing I’m going to do is this one that you know what I have a house and paint acrylic paint got the primary colors red blue and yellow and a half piece of cardboard with look tape on it for the make a law handle so make my stamps i also have peace cup make my circles and also have four to make some prints so what I’m going to do just fill up the paper do several you just cut so you can guys can see an idea what all you can do with the paint and the print so first thing we do is going to get your blue right here just make me some prints all over nice stripes just throughout the paper you do this however you want just fill up your whole paper nice color and this fork make nice stripes too so it’s pretty cool next I’m going to get my car bored with a little tape handle next to it I’m just going to get some reason blue excuse me and just make me some prints all right now that I’ve got my aim is done once you get your image dry and everything what you’re going to do now is find a nice cool image inside of a magazine is a small magazine called faces and what I want to do is just basically look to him to try to find an interesting image that I can use for my picture I’m just going to kind of scroll through here and a fine something I can do an animal person but I want to make a nice large pitcher since my paper is 8 by 10 I want to make sure this would be a nice cool image right here nope you guys can see it but it’s just cut off right there so I don’t use that but i like how big it is let’s go earn it hottest cool right here look at this this is a bit you think i may use that i like it because it’s big and take out most of the paper someone tear this out cut this out right quick thank you put around right on the edge so when you cut out your pitch always cut right on the edge of the image no need to rush I don’t know how his hair looks I’m just going to kind of take a guesstimate usually don’t put stuff in the middle but for some reason I wanted to listen and I’m going to get not what I can just add stuff into it I’m going to get a yellow this is a little boy here Malone halo and that’s the cool thing you can add things on top of you designing your paint any print okay i’m going to do that i’m using oil pastel do that it’s going to outline it you can add things to your image once you glue it down or behind my stuff and I think that’s it again i can add some other things attempted to do that might do a little later but you get the idea and so much you can do this and I hope you guys enjoy it looks good i like it and if you have a question feel free to contact me thanks if you enjoyed this lesson check out more lessons at art lesson plan videos com there are a lot of lessons that I have online that you can buy that you can check out that you can pretty much use the entire year hold for a lifetime I think because there’s over 100 lesson plans so check it out at an art lesson plan videos com thanks

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