Printmaking: Day 2 #OneTake

hello again this is gonna be day two and this is where I left off in the day one demo and I’m just gonna let you know I’m going to carve and I will speed this up if you missed how to go about doing all of this please watch printmaking day 1 it’s the initial introduction video for this project and so I’m gonna just kind of you know buddy you know what I mean I’m just gonna carve it so I’m gonna set this here so you can kind of see what I’m doing and now I will periodically show you how I go about doing this so I’m going to use the small one first and then I’m going to use the bigger one this is a 1 this is a 2 and I’m just gonna get started alright so just please pay attention [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] whoops [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so I told you yesterday that I had a goal for my first carving day – to do the majority of the background and then on the second day do the inside of the face and the rest of the background and then on the third day do the hard spots like the glasses the teeth and inside the letters in this paintbrush so what I’ve done is been very careful about making sure I don’t get along that line and there was a couple of times I made a boo-boo I made a boo-boo up here but I just needed to soften it up and you really can’t tell too much that I made a boo-boo so you just have to be really careful try not to with your fingernails scratch and this was an accidental like me like taking this and moving it away and I scratched it these scratches show up so try your best not to scratch too much it won’t ruin the piece but it could potentially get on your nerves okay and if that stuff happens I’m not gonna take off points for little boo-boos like that so no worries on the grading and okay I know accidents happen I’m really good at of myself so that would be enough progress for the second day and but if you can can if you can continue to work because this only took me about eight minutes eight to ten minutes so keep that in mind that you can you can do this you could probably get the majority of this car rather than pacing yourself and I know that we tend to chitchat while we work so I take that in consideration in pace so just make sure that you’re on task and you’re doing something that’s all I care about really and work as much as you can through out the hour if this is starting to hurt your neck because my neck is starting to hurt after just 10 minutes leaning in and trying to see you can always work on your sketchbook don’t forget the sketchbook alright and remember that I am going to be assigning or I’m going to be posting videos of the sketchbook assignment so that is upcoming all right and I’ve got some ideas for your designs if you were absent how to get caught up fast you can use emojis like I did or maybe your favorite app logo design I got students do in YouTube and snapchat so think about it alright thanks

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