Printmaking Drypoint Part 1

oh no it’s Rebecca I am in the printing room and I am doing some dry point I got one plate completed two about where I’m on it this from this plate so you can see its mirror image so I’m going to just fixed it up a little bit more it’s not quite where I want it and I use these tools there’s this one which just makes a solid line very sharp at the touch oh you got myself the other day oh this one see if I can do this can you see it nope maybe he did the other one this one you can see you can kind of see it you just might be one of those the girls with their makeup brushes do is go like kisses smash this it kind of helps anyway and that’s what i do to make these cross hatching so this one’s the least dense i use the medium dense one here and then the most dense when i used like around here yeah that’s about it I’m just an i’m going to kind of clean this up a little bit in kind of almost redo it kind of a little more chaotic that i want to be but yeah i have six plates that i’m going to do with this process and then they’ll kind of be able to be put together to make one big picture of a big old mountain so i’m going to get started simply this is ok so i’m just using some steel wool to take off some of the lines because they’re a little too deep for what I want to first really Scratchy I don’t like that needs to working with regular wall which is soft

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