Printmaking & how I make art “forgery” proof!

[Music] I’m Rachel kadia I’m an artist I’ve got some things to share with you today I’ve been working on printmaking and well that’s not something I have a lot of experience with I do like to keep my artistic options open I don’t like to stay with one thing too long or all the time because frankly I get tired of doing the same things all the time so one of the things that I’ve been working on is printing I’ve been doing linoleum prints and the linoleum is this little piece of linoleum that you carve an image into and this on the reverse side is the image that I’m going to talk about today and how I authenticate my prints prints are something that it seems to me would be easy to replicate you could just take prints and Xerox is you know scan and copy and then there’s hundreds of my pieces of artwork running around in the world but I do take some measures to make sure that people that buy my art are getting the real thing and that they know they’re getting the real thing with my paintings it’s I don’t worry about it as much because they’re not easily scannable copyable a lot of them are my own image so you know who’s who’s gonna paint me other than me but this is one of the prints as you see it’s reversed so what happens is you’ll cover this in printing ink with a roller and then you put a piece of paper on the top and with some amount of pressure and rubbing you lift the paper and you’ve got the image in reverse I really like this process of carving and printing it’s somewhat relaxing and calming but then the things that I do are I keep my print numbers to a limit so these are limited prints there’s only going to be probably 20 or so of them in the world they’re signed and dated and numbered as to what number in the series they are but then the extra measure I take is using this wonderful little pen filled with magic ink well not really it’s invisible ink or at least invisible to the naked eye it is black light-sensitive so when I sign my work with this additional measure actually has to use a black light so that I can see what I’m doing but this is just one way that I try to make sure that my stuff is Forge proof it’s authenticated and yeah I hope that that you stay tuned for further updates on my printmaking as I hone my skills and fellip my skills and get better at thinking in really simplifying compositions you there’s not a lot of room for gradation in this process so having based this on an ink drawing I did I had to exclude any hash marks I had a lot of cross hatching in little tiny sketch marks going on in the original ink drawing that this is based on so it was a matter simplifying the image first printing the image and then authenticating the image and I will be opening soon an Etsy shop where pieces like this will be available for purchase so that’s coming soon if you’re interested in seeing more of my arts please check out patreon and check out my website and stay tuned for more thanks so much for watching [Music] [Music]

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