Printmaking Portfolio

this should be pretty easy we’re gonna be making a portfolio case for our printmaking prints and you can use this little template it’s super easy because all you have to do is trace out these corners and then cut those out [Music] pull the ruler to line up on the line this is a thicker tag board so it’s a little harder to fold and then press it against there now we’re going to make this little fold this little thickness right there so that the prints will sit nicely inside of it and what I did and you can be a little bit different but I held it on this side with the one inch and just held the edge of the ruler not necessarily the zero but just the edge and went to about the quarter inch mark I wouldn’t go smaller than that you could go a little thicker if you want but I’m just gonna go all the way around and make two little dots on each side [Music] when we’re done you’ll be able to put your sign stack of prints inside your portfolio with our cover sheet and everybody should have the same number so if I’m number one I would have all the number one out of eleven if you’re number five you should have all the number five out of eleven [Music]

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