Printmaking: Recycled Materials

Hello, my most amazing artists! Today you are going to be printmaking. So you’re going to circle printmaking and we’re going to printmake creating using this recycled materials so I’m going to show you some
ways that you can use materials that are already there or adapt them so that you
can create new things. So I could just use a paper towel roll and stamp this
way. You can also take a material and rub it in there and then press it to see
what different times the stamps you can create. Maybe you want to create your own so you could take some cardboard cut out a shape. Now if I want to make I can cut out a
shape, should I just stick it right in here? No, because what’s going to happen to my fingers? I’m gonna make a mess so glue it
on something and then you can press it on there and make a stamp. Maybe I want
to make a stamp by doing a heart shape. So I could cut my paper towel roll and
form it into a heart shape and create a heart. You can play with this and create
various different shapes using recycled materials. Oh my heart didn’t work let’s
try that again Eh, still didn’t work so I would play with this until I could get enough
ink on there that is actually created my heart. Have fun boys and girls!

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