Printmaking with foam sheets and markers

today we’re gonna be making printmaking plates we make these on this very thin foam paper and we’re going to be drawing patterns to start out so I’m actually going to take a pencil and a pin those are the two things I need besides my printing plate I also need markers I’m gonna start with my pencil and I’m gonna make patterns that go all the way across my paper and I’m just gonna kind of repeat those you can draw zigzags you can draw wavy lines you can make triangles and all sorts of shapes that repeat but remember a pattern is something that repeats over and over so I’m just making these repeat over and over all the way across my paper okay so do this with a pencil okay now that I’ve done that with my pencil I’m gonna go over these lines again with a pen and that is so we are pressing really hard into these grooves where you have your grooves where the pin is going is where it’s gonna stay white and then we will end up coloring the part that we’re not drawing on so I’m gonna go over all my lines with pin being sure I press down into that foam plate okay I finished that part look I have gone over each line with the pin so now we can start coloring these in I’m gonna use marker and I’m just gonna color right on top of this and all of these areas color the whole thing in because wherever you don’t color it’s gonna stay white and you won’t be able to see all of your cool patterns so be sure you get all of this colored in you can use any colors that you want so happen with this part okay so I’ve colored all of my sheets this next part you’re going to come to my table in the back for help and what we are gonna do is we’re gonna take a white piece of paper turn this one over and we are going to spray it with water so I’m gonna bang and then we are gonna wipe that water right off and this gives us a wet surface so that it sticks to the paint so I’m gonna take my printing plate and I’m gonna face it down wherever I put it is where it has to stay you can’t lift it up and try again once it’s there it’s there so you’re gonna press down you can even pick this up like that and press down and you’ll be able to see it coming through that paper you can kind of see it there and you can kind of peel up a corner to see how it’s coming out I need to press that far a little more and when you lift it up it leaves a print on your paper so cool if you finish early you can try another one of these but I’m no more than 2

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