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(fun music) – [Ten Hundred] Something
that is pretty cool about this place is that
it’s all about Seattle, independent art, t-shirts and hoodies, and prints and a gallerty that changes every single month. My art is super colorful and super bright, and Seattle needs more
color and brightness. You’re walkin’ around gathering up all this inspiration and you don’t know it and then all of the sudden
it comes out of this burst of creative energy. And to me that’s what it’s like to be an artist. (piano music)
– We have an art gallery that shoes contemporary art and we change out our
exhibitions every month so everything’s fresh in
our space every month. A lot of people come here for sanctuary, it’s quiet and contemplative. Something that we’re very proud of is that the artist’s that we represent are very serious about their work. Not only their artistic expression but their exploration.

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