Punch Art Santa Candy Cane

Uh-oh, we’ve got the punches out. You know
what that means. It’s time for some punch art. What are we going to make? Some punch
art Santas for your candy canes. And the trick is, how we get those onto the candy canes
so they stay. This is Ann Clemmer and Stamper from stamperdog.com and we’re going to show
you how to do these candy cane Santa Clauses. We’re going to start off with that big Scallop
Circle and now we’re just going to go and score it, using our Scoring Tool, so that
it’s just showing 4 humps, 4 humps, right? Now we’re going to repeat again for the red
one of the same size and that one is going to be scored in half. Now it’s better to score
lightly and go over a few times. Here we’ve got some Itty Bitty Shapes Punch Pack Punches,
and we’re going to use the one with the little flower scalloped edges. And put that right
in the middle of one of the halves of the red scalloped circle. Now on the white scalloped
circle you want to make sure that you move your Bone Folder a lot over that. It’s not
as important on the red one. So now we’re going to go ahead and sponge. This is Blushing
Bride and the 1 3/8″ Circle Punch. And at the end we’re going to have a link to the
blog post where you can find all of the supplies. So here we go – this is how we chose to do
the moustache. It’s with the Butterfly Punch! Come on! You want that for your spring cards.
Now you can use it for Santa Claus. See how we just go and curve that cutting a little
bit so that we cut the top part of the wing off? It doesn’t matter if the point in the
center is exactly right because you’re going to cover that up, but it’s just really easy.
There are other punches you could use as well, but this is the one that we liked. So now
it’s that one from the Itty Bitty Shapes Punch Pack and we’ve got two of them in white. Now
it’s just a curved line there. It’s nothing fancy, with the black marker. The main thing
is that you get them both very similar. You could use some Googly Eyes. That’ll work,
too. Now here, you’ve got to get a red one for the tongue as well. That’s a leftover
piece from stamp labels and it just keeps my work surface really clean. When you put
that tongue down with the Liquid Glue, the cool thing about the Liquid Glue is that you
have “hang time.” You can move things around for a little bit. I don’t know about you but
I don’t get them put down exactly right the first time. And you notice that I put them
on the face and then I drop the card stock onto it. I do that because how many times
have you gone and dropped a small piece of card stock that had glue on it? It’s easier
to put it onto the face and then drop the pieces on. Now there’s those eyes that we
did, and all you want to do is get them even. You don’t want a crazy-looking Santa! Come
on, you know. And then here we have a 1/2″ Circle Punch for the nose and that we’re going
to put a Dimensional on. Usually I put my Dimensionals on last but we’re fine with this.
Look, this isn’t quite dry yet, but it covers up anything there in the middle. I think he’s
pretty cute. Okay, so now we’re going to put the beard and the red hat part together. It’s
uneven, and it’s fine because it’s going to look fine on your candy cane. This is how
you’re going to line them up and you only want to have 4 of the red humps showing so
that it offsets that little scored white bit. You’re going to put it close to the fold on
the part that you didn’t punch the hole in. And it’s important that you punch that hole
before you start gluing. We’ve put it at the top just below the fold of the white as well.
And the good part about this is that you’re never going to have any exposed glue! Isn’t
that cool? And all you want to do is match up the edges. If you want to have a more ethnic-looking
Santa Claus, you might want to try using the Blushing Bride and then you can sponge with
Crumb Cake or you could make him out of Crumb Cake. Whatever looks good to you, that’s your
Santa Claus. I’m just showing you how that white and Real Red part are not exactly even.
But it looks good at the end. Sorry, whoops! Went off-camera here because I want his face
to be on straight. I think he’s just pretty darn skippy-cute! (laughter) And so I’m sure
you could doll him up even a little bit better. Now, I like Bob’s candy canes. You can get
’em at Target, you can get them at a lot of different places, Walgreen’s I’m sure, but
they’re the best-tasting candy canes and they’re worth it. Now you’re just going to stick the
candy cane through the hole and because it’s got that bumpy edge, it holds on there really
nice, much better than if we did a plain circle. If you’ve gotten this far in the video, and
you like our style, just come on over to stamperdog.com and check out what the dog has to bark every
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where we put a little ink, paper, and fun into your day.


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