Reductive Printmaking (Linocut 4 colour + white)

hi this is mr. C and I’m just going to explain a little bit about the process on some reductive printmaking so this is the design that I’ve come up with and as you can see I’m going to utilize blue red green white and black so it’s going to be a four color reductive print and what I’ve done first is I drew it in marker and I purposely made some of the lines thick because I won’t be able to have the time to carve out some thin detailed work so the next step I did I just added the colors and I can just use this as a reference so when I begin carving and printing and after that what I did is I simply got some tracing paper and I laid it on top and simply went over it and what I did afterwards is I covered I just got a 6b pencil and I covered over all the whole sheet actually and I got my line on here and I put that pencil side down this way and then I went over the marker line so then some of the lead transfer to the line Oh which I then went over with marker again so if you can see the design that I have here it is reversed it’s mirrored and the first thing I want to do is carve out all the areas that I want white and that’s going to be in these sections here and I carve out that area white because it won’t be making any contact with the paper and to begin carving I see I have these various tools here and they have very different sizes and what I’m going to do is use one of these boards and you say they got a batch here and a latch there and I just use up to slide on my table and I put this here like that just to hold it and what I would do is carve working away from me and it is perfectly fine to rearrange because you don’t want to be holding it like this and if it slips you’re actually going to stab your hand so please be aware of that and I’ll just leave this here as a reference for me the color color version there and I’m just going to start carving carving away and what I the way I like to do it first is I try to make the edge work kind of ask as crisp as I can so I’ll just start with that here so as you can see I’ve carved away all the parts that I wish to have white and it’s a bit easier for me to see because the the linoleum is red so if if in my carving if I can see any red I should go back and carve a little bit of that out so the next thing I’m going to do now is I like to start off with the lightest color so I’ll probably just roll all this with the blue and so everything that you see red will be a blue print except for these areas will come out white okay so I’ve decided to go with this blue and I have my rollers here and I’m using this roller to roll the ink and I’m going to use this roller kind of as a brayer so I’m just going to spread the ink on my pallet here and I want it to be a little bit resistant not too much so I’m going to spread it around if you do have too much simply just push the ink over that way you can reduce the load so what I’m going to do is I get this I’m just going to roll it right o’clock across the line like so like that and I’m going to get my paper I’m just going to gently place it on top gently Pat it down you’re not going to do this very hard make sure you get all the way to all edges and then I’ll take this and I’m not pushing super hard this is well should I make sure that it was clean and then I’m just going to peel it off so there’s the first stage of the print okay so I have the blue print made and the next thing I want to do is I want this area of the house to remain blue so I’m going to cut out those sections but make sure that I leave the black line there just to show the dividers later and you can see it here it’s finished and what I’m going to do now is I want to do the red layer for this section here so the blue will come out with solid will remain blue because it’s been carved out and I’m just going to get the ink to lay over the red and I got to make sure to put it directly on top so I go align the corners and when I’m done I peel it off like this and it can probably make a bit more sense to you now so I have my red layer on top and what I want to do is create the the lines here in the red building so again what I’m going to do is cut out all that negative space and leave the black line there on the print and this will take me a bit of time so I’ve carved out the section here to show the stripes for the red and the next layer I’m going to put green so the whole thing will be covered green except for the blue and the white and the house here will now have green stripes going across from it so just to illustrate that point more clearly I’ll just put a layer of ink on it now and I’m going to make sure to register the corners correctly rub it down again peel it off and now you can see more clearly what it will look like so the only stage left now is to carve out the stripes for the green building section and then it’ll bring us to the last layer of just the black lines okay so here’s what my print is looking like so far and the next stage is I’m going to have to cut out this green area so I can have the black lines remaining so what I’m going to do is cut out all the negative space in these sections here and it’ll just leave the black lines remaining so you see if I’ve carved out all the spaces now and the only thing that is remaining are the black lines that I have in my design here and of course this is going to be the very last layer for my printing process so I’m just going to ink the last layer and make sure that I register the corners pushdown Brae it and peel it off and there’s the finished product

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