Relief print supplies – online printmaking class

hey Linda Jermaine here from printmaking without a press and the supplies for the soft block relief printing class are here before you you need a couple of small Brewers felt pad foam sheets now you can use sticky back foam a phone book would be great for padding in and clean up produce trays foam picnic plates they all can be cut down to size another thing you might need is acrylic blocks or I like to snap into small sizes small pieces of plexiglass from a poster frame and then you can use the sticky back phone without those so that’s a good combination ink speedball block printing ink water-based ink is the best and then also your brains you smaller brains are good because we’re going to be working fairly small four to six inch blocks a felt pad for a smooth surface and then your mark making tools anything that you can press into the phone to make a mark in the foam that will become your plate so you can see here lots of found object metal things bendable wire is great now we’re going to make a foot press now I like to use this thick Plexiglas because I can stand on it and see through it but you could use wood small palette for your inks spray bottle of water and then a collection of small masking stencils that will will fit on our small plates will be a great combination with the shape of the blocks that we create and then a baron is nice to have you can buy one or I’ll show you how to make one with some coiled rope and ass old sock and a piece of cardboard so if you have any questions email me and hope to see you in a class soon

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