Segmented Wood Rolling Pin – Art, Woodturning

Those of you who watched my previous few videos
will know that I had a bunch of leftovers from a previous sculpture. I thought, “What can I do with these.” I started gluing them up end to end, not really knowing what I was going to do with them right then. Once they were glued up, I decided that I
was going to try to make a rolling pin. I know there is so much work into this thing
that no one would be reasonably willing to buy a rolling pin just for the amount of value
that is in it. Because the segmented rings had a hole in
the middle, I had to cap the ends with a couple of pieces of walnut. I turned it into a pretty simple shape, then
sanded it. Starbond Adhesives recently reached out to
me and offered some of their products for me to try. I thought that this is a good opportunity
to try a CA finish for the first time. I watched several YouTube videos about doing
a CA finish. I started to put on too much at first. The paper towel got really hot and literally
melted the nitrile glove I was wearing. I was a little more sparing with it after
that. Hurricane Dorian was blowing over South Carolina,
so it was pretty breezy in the shop that day. That was good, because it blew away the fumes
from the CA glue. I put on several coats, then sanded it with
320. I have seen people get pretty glassy finishes. For some reason, I just could not get a nice
finish. I was getting these streaks. I also bought a buffing jig for my drill a
little while ago. I tried using that on it, but it did not seem
to be doing anything. I kind of gave up on trying to get a polished
finish. I just sanded off the ends and put a bit of
CA on those as well. If this is not the most ridiculous rolling
pin, I do not know what is. For the amount of work that I put into this,
there is no one that would be willing to purchase this just as a rolling pin. I do not know, I think it is more of an art
object. This is my first attempt at a CA finish. I do not know how many coats I put on, 15-20,
I lost track. I was doing something wrong. It was getting kind of streaky. I do not know if it was drying too fast or
what. Overall, it looks cool, but I did not get
the polished finish that I wanted to try to get with the CA glue. If you often do CA finishes, feel free to
comment below and tell me what I can do better next time to improve my finish. If you made it this far, thanks a lot for
watching. We will see what other sillyness we can get
up to in Cammie’s Garage.

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