September VLOG and Calendar Art

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio. Welcome to September 2019 this is my vlog as well as my
calendar art as you guys probably know by now since January I’ve been
decorating this this free calendar that I got which is also a planner and it’s I
mean it’s kind of a planner it’s it’s very cheap inexpensive nasty paper and
it has these things on it and I want to cover them up with something bright and
colorful this this calendar sits on my desk at my computer and this is how I
keep track of all my videos when they’re scheduled when I have responsibilities
for things I mark everything on it it’s it’s already partially marked up but
this is for September recently I did a video where I was showing ways to do
linear designs on your gel plate and one of the things that I did was to use tape
on my gel plate to make designs make linear designs and I used three
different types of tape and use cellophane tape I use packaging tape and
I used masking tape and these pieces are what’s left of that tape it gets
painting when you do this and I didn’t overuse it so it’s not completely crazy
it’s mostly just the colors of the first second maybe third time around I wanted
to use it up because I don’t like to waste things it’s pretty it’s got paint
on it and so I decided to use these little bits of tape and some matte
medium to cover the parts of the calendar that I want to cover leaving
the squares open for me to write in so that’s what I did and there’s like kind
of like four different ways for different colorways there’s
this blue one there’s a kind of teal and green one and then there’s a brighter
green one which is the masking tape and then there was another packing tape that
had browns and greens and so I just mixed them all up this is going to end
up being an abstract design more than a something that you see September images
because about the only September image that I have in my head is the prickly
pears that their fruit comes out in ripens in September the light you know
changes a little bit it’s more fall-like but we don’t have falling leaves or you
know anything like that apples pumpkins I mean somewhere around
here there is that type of stuff but in general I live in the desert and it just
stays about the same it’s still hot so I decided to just go with an abstract look
rather than doing something that’s fall-like even though it is the
beginning and fall so that’s what I’m doing
let me start telling you what’s going to come up in the month of September
there is a gel printing everyday challenge from virgin coops and it’s
called 30 days of gel printing and I did her challenge last time she had it it
was really fun it’s a lot of videos because I was doing like three or four
techniques in each you know each each Pro each video had three or four of the
prompts and I’m going to try to do your challenge again but I probably will not
be doing every single prop if there’s something that seems repetitive or
obvious to me I will just skip it I also have some other ideas of gel printing
just random stuff that comes to my head so there will definitely be a lot of gel
printing in this month I know there are people who love to watch it so that
would be fun okay so what else am i doing in the month other things that I
am responsible for of course today on the first the pick a stick challenge
randomly draw one word prompts we’re drawn and shown there on my
channel this month because I drew them as far as the challenges on the sixth
which is the first Friday Peggy and I will have our art journal pages done
with the prompts on our channels and then sometimes during the month I’ll
also have the altered tag challenge and the artist
trading card challenge from that group on Facebook called pick a stick
challenge the other group that we have is art joy of sharing and I will have
the mood board challenge coming out this month and also of course every Thursday
at 10:30 central 8:30 Pacific time we have a live show and that’s on art joy
of sharing live stream channel and it’s just it’s live so you can come over
there and watch at that time live or you can watch watch the live streams
recorded later what else from aid art to sharing I think that’s everything from
them oh we’ll all have shout outs this month all the Christian contributing
video makers are doing shout outs to smaller channels so that’s what I’ll
have some time in the month on my channel to talk about you know to help
smaller art channels because art joy of sharing is all about supporting others
and their artistic endeavors so that’s what we do we support other people and
one of the things is to just talk about smaller channels that you might not have
heard of and so that will be sometime in the month on the third is stencil girls
you know I’m on their design team with peg and this month it was dress it or
wear it we dressed it so you’ll see that coming out on their their blog as well
as on my channel and pegs channel on our videos will be coming out on the 3rd
there is let’s see there’s a harvest moon coming on the 14th Harvest Moon is
the full moon for this month so there’ll be full moon art also I usually do an
animal portrait which I forgot to do last month so I’ll have two animal
portraits in this month I got to make up one at the beginning of the month and
then I’ll do the other one at the end of the month let’s see I’m in some hops
there’s a color hop dealing with how you pick your colors how you do colors and
that’s coming out that’s that’s with the people from the creative arts
collaboration group and that will be on the 14th as well
let’s see what else I’m saying I’m a lot yeah the sense of girl I forgot there’s
also a blog hop this month and it’s called gift worthy so we’ll we’ll be
making something using stencil girl stencils as a gift something as a gift
not sure what I’m making it but that’s a blog hop but of course I’ll also have a
video because I do videos not not blog so I mean I have a blog but that’s not
my primary sharing resources so there’ll be a video also another collaboration
hop of course is the digital backgrounds that I’m doing with three other people
and that is usually at the beginning of each season so this month is the
beginning of fall or autumn but it will be on the 20th so you’ll be seeing that
that’s a collaboration with three other artists and we do we share digital
backgrounds that we’ve created and then we do something with them so that’ll be
coming up this month so back to what I’m doing on the screen I am now stenciling
this this month August the club stencils were a collab between Carolyn doobie and
Mary Beth Shaw and they made them so that you could cut them apart you didn’t
have to keep the big stencil as a big stencil so you end up with kind of –
there’s sort of four by six ish and then all these little border ones so I wanted
to use them to make this more interesting so I got them and cut them
apart and now I’m just stenciling with some acrylic paint over the top of all
my grid like background which is done with the tape so that’s all I’m doing
there nothing nothing amazing they’re just some stenciling stencil girls
stencils let’s see what else do I have written down on this crazy bunch of
notes oh yeah of course I’m still on the design team for Gina be Erin’s designs
and this month we have a really really interesting kind of a
kind of a weird trade congratulate Congrats
collaboration going on with another design team member and it’s called
rescue my art and my partner is Marg Marg L from Shelley studios and I sent
her a piece of unfinished whatever ugly whatever art that I didn’t like and she
sent me one and then we finish each other’s art so you know it’s kind of
like exchanging something that you don’t like and getting some inspiration from
someone else so that’s pretty interesting and that’ll be coming out on
my channel on the 17th I’m not sure when her it hers is but mine will be on the
17th and oh just looking at my notes oh I also at some point in the month we’ll
have I got some more stencils from or on getting I haven’t got them yet some more
die-cuts not stencil Ticats Wow am I just losing it today Dyke dyes that you
make die cuts with from in love art shop calm what I did with the house dye and
what I did with the the dye that makes a little heart-shaped book seemed to be
really popular so they asked me to do another video so they’re sending me some
more stuff and that will be sometime in the month I don’t know I don’t know when
it is because I don’t know when the stuffs getting here but I think that
I’ve covered everything I wanted to say about what’s coming up in September
sounds like it’s a ridiculously busy month again yeah wow that’s a lot of
stuff ok um of course I want to say thank you so I always want to say thank
you I’m so grateful when people send me things or donate donate to my channel of
course down below the video there is a little button you can click on and you
can it goes to PayPal and you can either donate with your credit card or with
your PayPal balance whatever you want to do and that’s really helpful to me
because it helps me get more new stuff that I can share on the channel you
and just just supports me makes me you know I I get so many nice kind comments
and support it support from the community but still when I get a little
bit of a donation it always makes me feel like I did something valuable I
don’t know why why do we place so much so much emphasis on money because I’m
not really doing it for money or else I would be doing something else
this is really something that I do for the love of art and sharing but yeah
just getting that donation is pretty awesome
I also love to get happy mail and I got some some great happy mail so I just
want to do my thank yous here really quick thank you so much to mosaics and
Linda Arlene and Laurie that’s for donations to the channel and happy mail
so yeah thank you so much that picture was from which
is a site that you can use their pictures without any copyright issues
and that is really what it looks like where I live in the fall with the very
purpley red prickly pear fruit on the on the cactus on the prickly pear cactus
it’s really quite beautiful so to finish up this page I had some stickers that
were given to me by Remi and a while ago and happy mail and I
used some of them they have some encouraging words on them around the
page in you know within the grid like areas of the page and then I had these
are those called parentheses I want to say those things are called parentheses
but I hope I’m not wrong they’re not quotation marks no they’re parentheses
and then some some letter stickers that are cover colored copper I also had put
some copper paint through stencils on here you know I love copper and that’s a
great color for fall so copper stickers that say September and then other
stickers around that say encouraging things then to finally do the final
finishing I did some pen work not super precise pretty
sloppy this pen is a chalk marker in its dark brown which was the right color I
didn’t want to use black because I had the Browns and other greens and stuff in
here I just didn’t think black would be the right color I wish this pin had a
finer tip because it’s got a medium bullet tip but it works and I drew
around some of the shapes I drew around the stickers and just added some more
pattern and line with my own hand which makes something more personal to
you and then to finish up after that I added
white with my white Posca pen because you can never go wrong with a white
Posca pen I mean I think it’s my most used item in my ever in my arsenal I use
it all the time on almost every single thing so if you don’t have a white Posca
pen yet go over to my Amazon storefront which is linked in the description box
below and pick up a three pack because you will love them and they are there
the link is there in my Amazon store for you to find the ones that I buy they
don’t come in two days like Amazon Prime normally does because they’re coming
from China but they are or maybe Taiwan I’m not sure but they are a very good
value three pins for like six or seven dollars so to make them the stickers
that say September stand out more I did trace around them with white they really
were blending in way too much and I couldn’t couldn’t see them so yeah
that’s it for my vlog and calendar art for September I hope you enjoyed it if
you did please remember to give it a thumbs up you can leave me a comment or
question below you can of course ask to join art joy of sharing asked to join
pick a stick challenge I will put those links you can also use my Amazon
storefront link any time you want to buy something from Amazon and I get a few
cents when you do that which helps me with my channel so …so
enough of that I think and that’s enough of this video as well close-ups are
coming up thanks bye-bye


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