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Hello everybody welcome back to kids cooking and crafts, I’m Ava, and I’m Corbin and today We’re doing the Thanksgiving pancake art challenge This bowl is full of different things that you see at Thanksgiving. Then we’re gonna grab our pancake batter and draw it out on our pan whoever has the best art wins Go Ava! Go Corbin! Okay, let’s get started. I’m gonna draw first, but before we do don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications So you know when we upload a new video. What is it? Corn on the cobia. Corn on the cob. Cornicopia what is that? It’s okay? She doesn’t know that means I’ll win! Corn on the cobia Like it’s like it looks like a bulls horn, but it’s like hollow, and they like put stuff in it okay let’s do this thing. Malfunction you guys the lid popped off and it just exploded. I am going to win. No, it’s not fair. Oh that’s good. Meanwhile baking the normal pancake right here That’s a really good pancake. If I was trying to make a pancake Yay it worked. YES! So I get to try again because I had a little bit of technical difficulties so yeah I am done with my cornucopia. Yeah, yeah Looks more like a giant like worm thingy, a vegetable. It’s eating it. It’s eating rainbows It’s a giant worm eating rainbows. Who’s is better? Mine or Corbin’s. Comment down below. My turn it is a turkey leg you’re like in the best part. I always like called dibs like 3 hours Before we eat like we eat it because I don’t want anybody else to take it because it’s like the best part Cuz you can like grab it like you don’t have to use like a fork in here like are your second apron Okay, let’s get started I already filled Yeah We’re finished. Corbin won Turkey leg okay. That’s how you vote for me because I’m the best at pancake art people Seriously okay guys, it’s my turn. What is it? It’s a pumpkin. Can I use that because you’re using the orange but I need it Nothing going on here people And we’re done pumpkin got my curlicues at the end look how amazing that is does that look like a pumpkin Okay, we’re done I tried to add a little bit a little bit of detail and mine like I put the lines of the pumpkin Like I tried to make a detail to the stem of the pumpkin, but it didn’t work Because I didn’t wait long enough Like I tried to make it so that it looked like there was like a dip in and then the pumpkin came out you Know how it’s like round? The vine thing is because pumpkins like grow on really long vines, and they kind of just like spread out everywhere So like I got put a little Okay, guys time to vote mine our Corbin’s comment down below. What is it pumpkin pie well Okay, I’m planning it in my head I’m just gonna go okay Time to flip them oh My gosh pretty good that looks amazing So The thing that I was really going for was like that I felt like this was super important right here a lot of people like putting like the whipped cream Spiral on the top just add a little bit more flavor I went for a whole pie And I don’t know what that white spot is but and then I did like their little lines in the pie And then I tried to put like the pan with it and then of course orange for the pumpkin pie All right time to put on the pumpkin pie. Me or Corbin. Turkey This time it’s a live turkey That means like feathers and a beak and eyeballs, so It’s time to get real This turkey looks delicious By the way the green is the grass Gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble Gooble – tiny pancakes Guys his leg came off really bad That’s why I put mine in the grass. Poor little turkey he died I forgot the red thingy right there. Double chin and Then I’ve got the brown feathers, then I put some red feathers in there Just for some color, and then I put the legs in the grass so that the legs Won’t fall off a little bit of something about mine. Unlike Ava I did put the little gobble double-chin thing on right there. I got his wing his decapitated foot And then I also got the beautiful colorful feathers that a turkey has now go vote I Want you to vote for me so the last one that we’re gonna do right now is a fall leaf Mine Don’t tell me that doesn’t say delicious to you Here is my fall leaf. Look at that goodness. I Surprise even myself sometimes Okay, so a little tour of mine I put the red leaves, the yellow leaves, the green leaves and even the orange leaves that one just looks like a pumpkin Hanging from a tree, but that’s okay, and then I put the brown stick right here So it’s like hanging off of the tree. So a little something about mine. I went into a little bit more detail I have the connecting point to the leaf. It stabilizes it and allows it to grow prosper Okay, that was our last one time to vote who won the whole pancake challenge me or Corbin. comment down below All right you guys, thank you so much for watching this video. Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving We’ll see you guys next time bye

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