Soft-Kut Block Print Printmaking and German Expressionism – Arteascuola & theartproject (2019)

these amazing prints are examples of German Expressionism as done by students of Miriam Pater Noster in Missoula Bardo Italy if you haven’t seen her website its artists school accom you should check it out this is the art project thanks for clicking on my video if you haven’t subscribed please do so and hit the little bell so you’ll get future notifications of future videos and give me a thumbs up if the video is helpful in any way so these are examples of German Expressionism very dramatic and emotional as done by students of miss Pater Noster and so I’m gonna show you how I think she did them at least how I did them you’re gonna need some soft cut a knife to cut it with pencils eraser zinc scrap paper inking plates and a brayer so I took a piece of scrap paper and I traced the same size of the soft cut as a soft cut spelled with a k s oft k UT and I think it’s called something else in Italy I drew my portrait on it not as handsome as I am in real life of course but kind of a stylized version you don’t want it to be too detailed because it’s hard to cut the soft cut this is probably more detail than most people would be able to get I didn’t get all of this detail when I cut so just kind of keep it simple I chose a star because I like stars I was gonna do zigzags but then I decided to go with the star I put it on a window upside down and I traced on the back of it so that I could see the image that I had on the front after doing this I took it and I taped it to the soft cut or actually I take the soft cut to the scrap paper I used painters tape so that it would be easier to remove and wouldn’t tear the paper too much and then I flipped it over and retraced the image that I had drawn on the front this way it transfers to the soft cut said I can see what I need to cut to make it a little bit more obvious I also went over it was sharpie then I began to cut it out slowly and carefully you don’t want to cut your hand the soft cut is very soft and so it’s a little easier to cut and so you’re not as likely to have to push real hard and that’s what really causes accidents when you’re cutting with this knife so it’s not quite as dangerous as you as cutting linoleum or wood I’ve used two different blades I used a large v-shape and every now and then I would change my knife out and use a smaller v-shape v cutter don’t worry too much about perfect details one of the beauties of printmaking is the one just it’s kind of the edges of what prints it’s not always straight and perfect at least not in soft cut and blog prints a really interesting texture take your time and cut out you know whatever you think you need to do not cut it all out the first time though because we’re gonna do two colors and so what I’m cutting out right now is going to stay white for the entire print and will not ever receive any color but whatever I leave is gonna be printed red and then I’m gonna cut out some more and what I cut out more of will stay red and what I leave behind will become black I think that’s confusing confusing but you’ll see as we go so squirt out a little red on the inking plate and took the brayer and I rolled it what you want to do is change your brayer back and forth different directions so that it evens it out on the brayer you want a nice even coat of ink on the brayer so that you can get a nice even coat of ink on the print then you’re gonna place a piece of paper over the top of it and press it down and if you have a spoon you can use a metal spoon or a plastic spoon or a specially made device called a baron when you peel it up you know and double-check make sure it’s not make sure that it has printed all the way so I came up with a method for doing a registration it’s kind of a plate with a hole in it for the print that the paper fits in to the top of and this way I can print in the exact same place on every sheet of paper and that way I can also line the black up when I do it I did 20 of them so that I can hopefully come out with a few perfect ones and now I’ve washed the print block off even though it is still red I’ve actually washed it and everything you see there that’s red is dry and then I slowly took away what I want to remain red if I wanted to remain red I am carving it out that way no ink no black ink will get on those spots and when I print it it will stay red so I wanted the inside of the star to be red so I’m carving all of that out also wanted sort of a vignette in the corners and so it carved out around the star a little bit and now I’m going to print the black again you want to get a nice even coat of ink on the brayer so I’m rolling it back and forth very carefully more than one direction keeping it all on the plate and now I’m putting it on the ink block on the printing block you can see how I did that but put it in the middle of it and then put the paper in it took my metal spoon and made sure i smushed it all down very carefully peel it up to see if it printed and it did fantastic now only 20 more to go I rub roll ink back on to the printing block put the registration plate over it put the piece of paper into it rub it and then peel it up perfect now I’ve only got 19 more to go now while this video is pretty short this actually took me all day long to do so set aside a couple of class periods for it this was the read before I printed the black on to it and this is after I printed the black on to it I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you can get some block prints made now it’s your turn go and make some art thumb up listen drive me or comment down below

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