Someone SPRAY PAINTED My Audi R8! *Caught On Camera*

this is what my car looks like what up
everybody how you guys doing today as you can see in the background there were
so many cars here we were back at homies place he’s like 30 cars this is
ridiculous every time I come here I just like can’t get over how insane this
actually look hopefully I can be like this one day got to keep working hard
push towards your goals of course I hope everyone’s having an amazing day so far
if you’re not hopeful this vlog makes it a little bit better let’s see what we
got going on today all right guys I want to know what’s your favorite car out of
these four cars right here Acura NSX Lamborghini Huracan Evo this just came
out Lamborghini Eris or the Toyota Supra 2020 I gotta say personally the
Lamborghini I always go with the Lambo yeah I might do coming out in style with
this helmet do some damage hi everyone’s taking out street flags I
have never drove a street bike before and of course I want to learn first
before I take one out so I’m gonna have to go on the back of someone’s am I
going back yours you have my nuts all of you guys I’m just gonna take this out
got my training wheels ready to go oh you know what I’m actually gonna drive
this thing the can-am we go three wheel pulled over for a quick second always
looking at another car those tires do not fit that that looks funny you see
one coming out I wonder what coming the big – yes he’s going to put down a
deposit on the truck Wow just like that we just pulled over he’s like I’ll let
me check something out not this one specifically though he’s
gonna order a different one no way you’re gonna get into when you go out
with him nah bro I’ve been with Oh me for three days now and out of those two
days you bought a car both times so this is crazy but you bought that Mustang
that we showed you guys in the last video I don’t know I still got my helmet
on but you know what screw it you’re rockin out in style right now
this is a funny sight just imagine rolling up with all of these you’d think
that the place be selling these things just took the helmet off by the way my
head is oh this is the Mustang that I just bought as I showed you guys in the
previous vlog this thing is sweet I’m taking his r8 alright now had this bad
boy out well he’s got the NSX Mike’s in there put this thing in sports mode
cupholders got a CD player back here hey you can stick your SD cards in there too
now how does this card drive in comparison it’s pretty similar so far
not really much of a difference but I want to see if I can pick up some speed it’s like it’s really hard to tell the
difference I feel like this shifts a little bit smoother than mine I will say
that handling on this car seems definitely better than mine of course
the design has improved a lot as well I love my RA don’t get me wrong
the only way that I would upgrade is if like I needed to for some reason like if
that makes sense like say for example my car just like completely stopped working
there’s no way to like make this thing run again for some weird reason I don’t
know I’m just speaking hypothetically more if my car got totaled right god
forbid that doesn’t happen I was like trying not to say that but if that
happened then obviously yeah I would upgrade to this I would not complain
this cars amazing so there’s these different settings as you guys can see
the dynamic there’s comfort mode there’s auto got individual and the steering
wheel major improvement from mine as well it just feels more comfortable like
the grips a little bit better as well about to say happy birthday so we all
mean the house right now he’s checking out my house for the first time what you
think thank you my appreciate that he’s checking out the plaques right now it
was like he gave you a few options and I’ll say people mine is just gonna lose
subscribers yeah bro guys go humus up or made a Hellcat oh yeah I know they changed them around
no no no I like the older ones better look and then we got the silver plaques
right here hundred thousands yeah a hundred K I just need that diamond look
he’s trying to get that one mill I’m trying to get the diamond everybody
right now smash that subscribe button guys we’re like halfway there we can do
it let’s get it we were hopping in the Lamborghini yours right now let’s check
it out whoa never been in this year I love how he still has these in all of
his cars it’s amazing it’s like he literally just got it cuz he did mr.
tour now and we’re going backwards we got here
the restroom the outside to come and get out real quick oh that’s sick we’re stepping in Omi’s
brand-new spot that he’s got opening up soon it’s gonna be a club and a bar look
at this this is hop and bro you said Philly 21 but low-key it’s gonna be
Philly to 10 because I want to go on business with it I was talking on we’re
gonna make some happen I saw the construction right now just getting
everything ready but I like the vibes so what are you scared of this is gonna be
where you can just come out here and smoke a hookah yeah drink some liquor
out here and then a side bar I’ll be sweet and we’re gonna put a helicopter
pad and a we have it we’ll have a pool in the back boys actually like some nice
stairs Lydia I’ve never said that my life that
way these are nice stairs Club they’re red doors bro about the wall can I help
is it the bathroom dirty construction yeah these tiles are sick this is dope
yo yo yo dude this is so sweet there’s not all these lights turn on
look at look at the boost back here bro the whole thing about this club was to
come here and there’s gonna be a DJ it have ears like karaoke yeah or if you
didn’t want to participate you just come here to play video games and eat food
and drink sweet every TV’s got its own console I had do it oh it’s got a
Playstation and an Xbox everything okay the next morning
currently down the shore right now with my cousins as you guys know my sister
has this wig that she’s been wearing ever since we shaved her head and she is
like sick of this thing I just wants to get rid of it already so today she’s
burning it let’s do it go ahead chuck it in the witch is burning Sabrina just
starts melting Sabrina the Teenage Witch wait what is it doing right now oh
that’s gonna smell look at that oh it’s rolling it’s
literally melting at this point oh it’s it’s like gooey you wore all those
chemicals on your head yeah there are so many bugs out here so we have to use bug
spray on the bugs themself not really I’ve never seen this before but this is
a real pumpkin this is white like a white pumpkin I’ve never seen that
completely real – you guys ready to go yet all right let’s bounce so I’m
leaving to go to the gym right and I just walk outside me Michael walk
outside and this is what my car looks like who the hell did this I I think
it’s that washable kind it’s similar to stuff I used because yeah it might be
that because it’s like rubbing right off I mean it’s not that big of a deal I was
gonna bring it to a car wash but like I guess I kind of deserved this because
I’ve done this to so many different people at this point look they even got
the friggin rims if we got to ten squad hello yo they do this side too yeah I
don’t even see this side hold it over my logo I mean I’m not really upset because
like I know it rubs off so it’s really not that big of a deal but hey you gave
me content so thanks that’s all I look at this is content right I want to see
who did this I’m gonna check the security cameras I see a guy in a black
hoodie oh he’s got a camera in the fan you saw
that yeah I seen a scene you see that oh look he’s still spraying wait this like
just happened it’s 1141 this is when this was recorded it’s 11:55 now you
didn’t see this no I was literally I was in the house the same time you were in
the house I don’t even hear anybody either
I can’t to the dudes face wait I started just saw my this hoodie off for this
wake up early O’s freaking ten minutes ago exactly I’m still trying to sleep
though yeah I believe they care at this point because I literally said yesterday
I need to get a car wash I have like how many you can see right here I have all
these water spots and of course pollen all over my car so congrats Mike you got
me wait what the Frank how did I not see that what bro
literally you stick things in like plain sight and you don’t even fight and say
it I can see that I don’t think I looked over there once I gotta get this off
alright just made it over to the car wash let’s get started like she’s looking so much better now
now he’s gonna dry her off alright so bad news these machines ate
all of my coins that we had and this doesn’t work at all this one doesn’t
work at all and neither do any of these so we just wasted all of our money that
we had don’t care around the actual dollar bills that much were change
I usually just tear on my credit card and debit cards I’ve no way to dial up
my car damn it and look it kind of left some like residue that I needed rub off
I’m just gonna drive it back and clean it at my house seems like your best
option this point they should do the job just
sucks I just drove home with all this hopefully don’t keep the water spot I
noticed it the last time when I did it to my dad’s car it kind of left like
foam even when you would try and clean it off it left like a little bit of like
a like a residue oh there it is like that how much just came off you look
under here see that boom gone no way did you really
he left his camera at the car wash oh you’re having bad luck today bro this is
like all the paybacks happening now it’s all the Karma without me even having to
do anything my dude literally just got a flat tire on his car he was gonna bring
his cars at a car wash as well and he know to see the flat in his front and
his cars been sitting there for a whole day without even being moved so I don’t
understand yeah right that’s it it’s the expensive cameras go back go
see if it’s here thank God I know bro you wanna have had a video
you were too lost a $1400 camera and no wheel
all right let’s show you guys this flat there it is it kind of looks like
somebody cut it his frigging rims were scratched in the ground you can see this
great marks all the way up this tree yeah you can see they’re all messed up
under him well Michaels got to get his car towed so they just showed up with
the head want the copper all up yeah bro so I just talked to the cop apparently
somebody called in and said that a BMW m4 was blocking the driveway of my
parents house which is weird because my m4
Jerzy written you know it’s an LA and there’s no other m for it so I think
they literally just like crank all down so whoever call it in swear I gonna get
in trouble yeah not my issue it is now five hours
later and he finally got his car fixed no more flat what is going on up here
you finally get rid of some stuff yeah a lot of junk well it’s not junk but it’s
not junk IG that’s gram I’m out there I’m scared no I’ve been all over the place
I realize literally just got a shower I didn’t do anything to it yeah you like
it like that it’s it’s thick it’s been getting thicker oh just got a package in
the mail see what we got it’s not the hook-up we got some microfarad you
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so much more in here if you guys are working out and you need supplements
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and mood my mom is going through this thing called menopause right now and
this would definitely help her out so don’t give this to her mom
have a present for you this is the solve all your menopause problems yeah keep
you guys updated we jump it on me for boy huh you got a haircut you’re looking
all cute I don’t feel like you guys are gonna believe this but my boy oh me just
bought I know brand-new car I have no idea exactly
what it is I’ve asked him a few times and he didn’t reply he just told me to
come over so we’re gonna go check it out I’m super excited if you guys are
excited to see what it is as well smash that thumbs up button right now my dude
buys cars like it’s candy bars this is literally insane I take that as
inspiration I want to be able to do stuff like that one day just be able to
like oh I don’t know if I want this car today I’m gonna go get it or if I want
to fly to Africa and donate like half a million dollars I could do that you know
stuff like that’s really inspiring and I think that’s really cool of course if I
had money like that I would always give back I try to give back as much as
possible as it is it’s really weird because I feel like whenever I do do
something nice and record it people are like why can’t you do this without
recording and I’m just like I do what I want to show people to like inspire them
as well they still give me for it so it literally makes no sense there’s no
winning at the end of the day he’s got to do you don’t worry about what other
people think I find it comical but let’s go check out
this car and I just made it open up homies I don’t see any cars in the
driveway just yet maybe has to go pick it up yo my man what are you getting
today brand-new Jeep off track off but I’m walking to a lot chilling it makes
them pretty my dudes like I’m not in love with it but I’m gonna get it anyway
you bought out right now what kind of chains I have your name on it is 18
karat gold just to match the 18 karat cool how much does that weigh can’t feel
it wooly crap wow that’s crazy Jesus Christ man yeah yeah you right so
we were about to go pick up the choc Hawk but unfortunately they’re having an
issue with the car right now so Owens gonna pick it up tomorrow he did get
another car as I told you guys about the other day he got that Mustang that was
over there and he also got Elmer’s other car which we’re gonna go pick up you
excited to grab that as do it it is it is a good day I’m taking out his
Corvette Grand Sport right now the reason I’m taking this is because we’re
both gonna take the roofs off well the roof is already off of the other car so
we’re gonna pull this off and we’re both gonna be driving got the roof off let’s
check it out all that red interior is beautiful so this one
which is the Grand Sport actually came out one year after the zo6 came out I
think this one has around 400 in something horsepower and this is what he’s picking up today
this thing is sick Oh all right so turn the red switch on let
me make sure yes no the red switch over there so you can have a job don’t burn
yourself that muffler broke wash your feet that’s old school muscle it ain’t
like the new lame that’s that’s what you should do to the Camaro just carbureted
you know that stuff actually aspirate how you feeling on that Tomy stepbrother
can’t start II can’t ride it Lance give us some gas give us some gas let’s see what you got I’m too fast for that one but she can’t
make it up the hill Oh back in the den I forgot to mention this my bad my mind is
going a million miles an hour right now but the difference between this car
Grand Sport and the zo6 is the supercharger there’s no
supercharger in this all right so my parents decided to do a little joke on
me and this is what my bathroom is currently looking like this is gonna
take a while to clean up ba got me mom you’re doing it you’re cleaning up you
guys wanna see my reaction when I first saw this it’s gonna be a bunch of my
parents shot I’ll leave a link down below in the description I guess we have
like some crack whores going on right now
my parents have tried getting me multiple times and it seems like they
fail almost every time but alrighty guys that is gonna do it for today’s vlog I
hope you guys enjoyed if you did make sure to smash that thumbs up button and
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weeks ago and haven’t gone since this is the first time I’m hearing it again
there’s something wrong with this talking about fired that brand new merch
and notebooks and the folders are fire as you can see they’re so cool there’s
always I’d like to give notification shout out to every single video to
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here’s today’s shot up to the day I’ll both other than that I’ll see you guys
next time


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