SpongeBob Draw from Memory Challenge! 🧠 w/ Annie, Hayley, Jayden & Armani | Nick

– Hey guys, it’s Annie LeBlanc.
– And Hayley LeBlanc. – It’s Jayden Bartels.
– And Armani Jackson. And today we’re gonna be doing
the draw from memory challenge – Ready?
– I’m ready. – Are you ready?
– I have to be. Ah! OK, sorry. – Oh, we’re going.
– We’re going, OK. – OK, OK.
– The yellow’s so not bright. Ah, it’s already smudged! Oh my God, I can already
tell this is a fail, OK. I’m gonna fail, guys. I can only kind of draw Patrick. Kinda? I can only kind of draw Patrick. Hey, it does look like a sponge.
I’m gonna be quite honest. Sponge holes things,
I don’t even know. What? Oh my gosh! Ah! You just bumped my hand and
I drew where I didn’t want to. Wait, wait, wait.
What color eyes does he have? – I’m done.
– You’re done? – I’m so done.
– How much time do we have? Did you just look over? And I’m gonna write his name in
bubble letters, ’cause I’m so cool. OK. Guys, I’m just such a pro. Oh my God, you’re right.
His pants are brown! Gosh! Help. This is so bad, but it’s fine. How do I do the color of teeth if he’s… – Teeth?
– He has two front buck teeth. I wasn’t gonna tell you that, but… I’m kind of done. Time’s up. Time! Whooo! I’m so proud– He looks demonic! He looks like a demon! Where are his arms? I couldn’t do it, Annie. Why is his mouth red? Guys. Why is he not square?
It’s SpongeBob Squarepants. It’s a sponge. So my drawing, we have the sponge.
I did the holes. And his two buck teeth. I’m actually really proud of this.
I think I definitely won. – Let’s just take a look at Armani’s.
– Oh no, I think we’re good. I think it’s demon SpongeBob. Demon SpongeBob. This is insane. Hey, what do you know?
I scared him! [laughing] [screaming] But yours is like really cute. Isn’t mine? I got a little nose. But you didn’t draw the whole thing. His tie is red. I don’t know
why I didn’t remember that. I wasn’t getting that detailed. I was confused as to
what his eyes looked like. – They’re just circles.
– Oh, and his nose. He only has four fingers?
‘Cause I gave him… five. In that regard, Armani’s is
actually closer to being right. What? In what world?
He doesn’t even– No! – Incorrect.
– You gave him too many fingers. But… but… There was nothing on mine
that was inaccurate. Um, I’m pretty sure he’s not a demon
the last time I checked. – Who said he’s a demon?
– His tie isn’t red. – Inaccurate.
– Alright, you know what… I think he looks beautiful
just the way he is. Can it be Patrick?
I love Patrick. OK, I’m gonna win this. I love Patrick. Flip the timer. Oh, Annie why do I
always have to do it? Because you wanna start. Oh, messed that up. Ooh, I smudged it. That shouldn’t
count as something I did wrong. – I’m doing his shorts.
– Restarting. – Can’t do that.
– That was so bad. Actually, I’m gonna restart too. Well, he’s a star.
We know that much. We know that much. – I know he–
– Wha– Wha– Wha– [laughing] I’m just killing it.
Let’s just be honest. I only have about one minute
to do this, but that’s OK. That’s alright. Woo! Mine don’t look
anything like the characters. It’s kind of a little frustrating. I’m just killing it.
I’m proud of myself. I’m getting details in here. I’m putting detail in this. Armani, since when is he pointy? What? You’re kidding. It’s a star. Yeah, but I’m pretty sure his
ends of his arms and legs were round. Yeah, they kind of are, but
that’s not the biggest deal. Hayley’s really hyping herself up
with this Patrick drawing, so I’m kind of excited to see it. Five… four… – Three, two, one.
– Wait! Time’s up, flip, go. [laughing] Yeah, mine’s trash. [laughing] It’s another demon! It’s… What is yours? – What is yours?
– It’s good, it’s art. Let’s just look at this, right?
Happy Patrick. Nice Patrick, friendly Patrick. Demon Patrick!
Why is he sharp and pointy? – Dangerous.
– He’s looking sharp. What are you– That’s Patrick. That looks like… a worm. – What’d you get right?
– Round! I got everything right! Do you have eyebrows? No. – You didn’t get everything right.
– Wow. Look! Oh my gosh.
Look at that. – Look at that. Mine looks so good!
– It doesn’t look like it. Oh, I forgot to do his belly button.
That’s what I missed. – You didn’t win that one.
– Wow. I’m just gonna say that. OK, I’m so ready. – What is it?
– It’s Squidward. Yeah, oh yeah. Oh, I never even counted
for Squidward, OK. – Go.
– Go. OK. I totally forget. I totally forget. Oh no, that’s terrible.
That is absolute trash. OK. Wait, he doesn’t even
look like Squidward. Mine does not look like him though.
I’m sorry, Squidward. I’m gonna lose this round. Nope, I am. [laughing] You’re so bad! – Be quiet!
– OK. Oh my God, oh my God! I literally– It’s the base.
It’s the base that you have to get right. Oh my… [laughing] Mine’s so bad! I looked over because I was
wondering why you were making… – Wait.
– No, don’t look! How many legs does he have? How many legs does a squid have?
Think about it. Mine looks like a demon again. I’m not surprised, to be very honest. Cheater! Pumpkin eater, wow. Oh my God, I made his sleeves
two different length. I made his sleeves two–
I have time. I’m gonna redo it all. Wait, what does that look like? One, two– Nope.
I’m going back to the other one. Where’d it go? Where did it go?
OK, it’s here, OK. Man, you’re having
a good time over there. Yes, I am. I’m having a splendid blast. Wait, doesn’t he have
those little suction… Things that make…
The sound when he walks. [music playing] [screaming] I’m done.
Oh my gosh, that looks horrible. Wait, wait, wait. I really thought I knew
SpongeBob characters, but I guess I’m just uneducated. Hayley, are you ready? Alright, time’s up.
One, two, three. [laughing] I even drew the house.
Look how cute he is. He is pretty cute,
but that’s not Squidward. Yo. [laughing] This is so hard. I think we’re doing pretty good. Wait, why is his shirt down to his legs? Um… It… it…
He can wear it as pants and a shirt. That’s a resemblance. – Mine was better.
– Resemblance. Mine was better. Oh, beast moves. Look at me– Why does he have Pinocchio’s nose?
He’s not a snowman. Your next drawing will be Mr. Krabs. I love him. I don’t know how to draw him though. I don’t even know where
he was going with that. – Is that Patrick?
– I know, I know. Listen to me and trust me.
I know what I’m doing. Oh no, wait. Don’t start over. I gotta start over, guys. He makes the ar-ar-ar-ar sound. [laughing] I’m just gonna draw
a crab kind of cartoon. I’m making his T-shirt. I shouldn’t even be talking ’cause
he’s gonna steal all my ideas. This is kind of scary.
I am not drawing him correctly. I’m like scaring myself with this drawing. Ya’ll know I’m doing something right
over here, I know you guys see this. Stop, don’t look, don’t look. Don’t, you’ll copy me.
I know that you’ll copy me. Look away right now. [laughing] That looks not good.
Do not judge me. How much time do we have?
Oh my gosh, Annie go. Go, go, go, go, go. You’re stressing me out. That does not look like him,
but it’s fine. It’s fine, everything’s fine.
Everything’s fine. And time! Where’s his body? Don’t worry about it. OK, you guys cannot tell me Patrick–
Dude, OK. Let’s take a look at Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs and Patrick
had a baby over here. [laughing] Mine looks really bad. Yours looks so good. You cannot tell me that
this is more accurate than that! He doesn’t have claws,
he has Patrick hands. – Let’s take a look at this.
– This is a star. Let’s ask this.
If someone were to see mine and yours on separate days, which one do you think they would
be like oh, it looks like Mr. Krabs? 100% mine. They’d be like, it looks like
Patrick grew antennas. Just explain the six legs. – The six legs?
– No comment. – No comment?
– I plead the fifth. – There we go.
– OK, you ready? – Yeah.
– And go. So Sandy wears a space suit. Because she’s a squirrel and
she lives underwater, right? This is gonna be so bad. I forgot what her hands look like,
so I’m just giving her twig hands I think. And then, I’m gonna first do her head and I have no idea
what her face looks like. I know she’s a squirrel. Oh, I know. This is so bad. – Are you done?
– Nope. – Not at all.
– Let me see… – I’m done.
– You’re done? Yeah, because I didn’t try,
because I don’t know what she looks like. [laughing] What kind of hands are those? Cheater! He’s looking at mine! To see if your hands were any better.
That’s what I was doing. And you saw that they were. Oh my gosh no. No! – Oh my gosh–
– Time’s up! Her hands are terrifying.
They’re terrifying. I know. We both drew the little things in the sky. What is this? Ginger bread man with like claws? No! Oh, she has that thing. Oh, she has a daisy. And she has the flower– I got the flower, everyone.
I got the flower. I get the point. Oh, her tail!
I totally forgot about her tail. – Oh.
– Who’s Karen? You just gotta draw her. – Oh, Karen.
– Who’s that? Oh yes, that’s good.
You don’t even know who Karen is. Guys, please don’t tell her who Karen is. I know who Karen is. [gasping] Karen! – Oh, but what…
– Don’t look over here. Why are you looking over at mine so much? – I’m not looking over.
– Let me see if I can do what he’s doing. Jayden, stop cheating. – Yeah, we know she’s over here looking.
– I wasn’t cheating! What are you talking about? Cheating?
I’ve never heard of her. I’m just going with who I think it is. Wait… Yeah, wait, yeah. I really don’t know what Karen looks like.
So… does she have wheels? Good, everything’s good. – Oh, is she in love with Plankton?
– Yea– She’s disqualified just
for not even knowing that. – Why am I disqualified?
– They’re literally married! I’m pretty sure I’m right. I was kind of second guessing myself. [gasping] – Wait, who is this girl?
– She just looked at mine, didn’t she? I did just look at yours. – Wait, who is this girl?
– Nope. And time! Alright. I know I’m gonna lose this round.
I give it to him. – I don’t know what she looks like.
– She has some big lips, guys. OK, timer is done.
One, two, three. And… is that her? Is it the computer? – OK, fine.
– Wooo! She doesn’t even got arms. She doesn’t even have a face. No sometimes, in some episodes,
her face has shown up, like kind of. But most of the time it’s just
the squiggly lines that are moving, ’cause it’s like the audio. Go! Just ignore the hair, you know. Just like when you’re looking at,
don’t look at the hair. I’m really bad at drawing lips. Oh, lips. – OK, we’re just gonna move past that.
– 10 seconds left. I can’t draw people!
What did I agree to do this? She’s gonna be so mad. – Let me see it.
– No. – Just yeah, don’t look at her.
– I already looked at it. You did a really good job.
I think I’m gonna keep this. I see the resemblance. And now we’re about to do
a blindfolded SpongeBob. – You ready, Armani?
– Yeah, I’m ready. And go! [screaming] Ew! What is on it?
Armani, do you feel that? – I don’t know, I’m drawing SpongeBob.
– Armani! There’s something on it. There’s something on it.
I can’t open it. It’s too slimy.
I can’t open it. Help me! Armani, I cannot get it–
Oh there we go, I got it OK. [laughing] – Yeah, it’s not gonna be good.
– Tie… Oh my God.
Guys, what did you do? [laughing] Is the timer up? Guys, come on.
Who do you think one? It’s obviously me.
Oh, yours is horrible. Can you even see? Ew! Yo, why is mine– Yo.
Why? Guys, tell me why… Guys, tell me why this
is better than my first one with my eyes actually being able to see? Thank you guys so much for watching. Let us know how you thought we did. And who you thought
the winner was, obviously. And by that, she just means
comment my name. Oh, OK. Bye! Make sure you guys subscribe
to Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel. So you don’t miss a video. Beautiful. Just beautiful.


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