Steam Artwork Showcase Tutorial

what’s up guys Jeannie spy trap and this is another steam tutorial talking about the artwork showcase I did a video about showcases in general and since then I’ve had a lot of questions on that video about the artwork showcase and my profile here even Samoan Pedro asks can you please show me how to upload artwork on my steam profile I am level 10 already thank you for asking here is how it gets done now if you notice on the right hand side here in your profile mines chicks dig it and you’ll have a tab here for artwork if we click on that we have upload artwork the problem is this is not available to you until you actually load some artwork so what you want to do is go to a game that you own so let’s find something here let’s go to rust and we’ll enter that now what you want to do is go to the community hub of that game it doesn’t matter what game it is okay for right now alright we’re gonna click continue now we want to go to artwork right here and upload your artwork now if this artwork is actual rust related we’re all good ok so if it’s not this is what you’re gonna do I’ll just call it PI trap and here it says choose a file so let’s find a file here so basically you want to do is find a file that you want to upload I’m gonna go with this right here alright so we got the file that we want to upload now this app actually has nothing to do with rust so what we want to do is make sure this is on public go on to your profile I certify that I created this artwork make sure you certified it or that you created it and here gives you two options save our work to my profile or save artwork to community hub what this means is if this is not related to rust okay what’s not we’re gonna save our work to my profile and there it is so now when you go back to your profile and we click right here and there’s the both of our artworks so if we want to change it so then newest upload is now your featured artwork showcase because like as you can see right now it’s still the PI but let’s say I wanted that potted plant you just click to edit or change showcase and just scroll to your artwork showcase and you want to click go on the main one here and click the little pen and click on the one you want and there it is then scroll down quick save changes and there you have it hope that helps you guys any questions let me know any other a diaz for videos let me know Jean spy trip over it out later [Music] [Music] [Applause]

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