Storm Surge Fast Draw

One of the most dangerous parts of a hurricane is storm surge. What is storm surge you ask? Storm surge is what happens when the winds of a coastal storm push water onto land. In addition, large and destructive waves ride in on top of the surge. These water-surges then wreak havoc and can cause major damage and flooding many miles from the storm. Not limited to coastal properties, storm surges from sea water traveling up streams and rivers can flood inland homes too. And is it strong! Able to carry away cars and demolish entire communities. It doesn’t take extreme wind to make storm surge happen. Low-end hurricane winds from Sandy created a storm surge that leveled parts
of New York and New Jersey in 2012. Storm surge is what officials use when determining
who to evacuate. Once water starts to rise, the destructive rush can quickly cover a lot of ground . . . Homes . . .Cars . . . People . . . Pets. If you get anything from this video, let it
be this: When officials say it is time to evacuate, go! Don’t fall victim to storm surge.

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