Student Artwork on Display at City Hall

[city news music] (Shelby Purdy)
Colorful works of art ranging from self-portraits
to mixed media masterpieces are now on display
in Corpus Christi. This exhibit is in celebration
of youth art month and the work comes directly
from our CCISD students. (Martha Fair)
Youth Art Month is an art exhibit.
It’s an event that’s held statewide throughout Texas
and it’s a time to showcase students’ artwork
that has been done throughout the year and
get them into the public eye.(Shelby Purdy)
Elementary students work
is displayed in City Hall,
middle school art
at the Nueces County Courthouse
and high school projects
at the art department
of Del Mar College
.(Martha Fair)
The art is
coming from the students.
It is led by the teacher,
guided by the teacher and
based on the projects
that they’re doing, the
different projects that
they’re doing
in covering the elements
and principles of art.(Martha Fair)
Taking art and other fine arts courses in school
has been shown through research to increases students
critical thinking skills, problem solving skills
and then of course, the creative aspect of it.It allows the students
a venue to work out emotions
and things that they’re
dealing with in their own lives.
It’s just, it speaks to
and nurtures the whole child. The exhibit
will be on display for the month of March.
Reporting for the city of Corpus Christi,
I’m Shelby Purdy.

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