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This video is brought to you by Yoshitsugu
Matsuoka’s joke during Tokyo Game Show that would have won the SAO panel, if it wasn’t
for the Alicization Blading Opening. Tokyo Game Show 2019 gave us a whole lot of
Sword Art Online. A brand new Sword Art Online Lycoris trailer,
previews for Tiese, Ronye and Cardinal, but the most surprising part that caught everyone
off guard was the brand new opening by A1-Pictures, made for the upcoming mobile game, Alicization
Blading aka Rising Steel, featuring Selfrontier, a brand new song by ASCA who also performed
Resister for Alicization’s second opening. I’ll make separate videos for the entire news
coverage for both Lycoris and Blading, and also make a separate video on the Lycoris
Preview Analysis, however, today we go back to the Explained series, a little earlier
than expected to be frank. Naturally, Alicization Explained would continue
the moment War of Underworld began but today, the visuals portrayed in the Alicization Blading
Opening warrants a revisit to the series! Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk and this
is your best source of Sword Art Online information, Alicization Explained, featuring the new Opening
for Alicization Blading! As expected from Alicization Explained, timestamps
to all individual noteworthy scene explanations from the Opening are in the description as
well as pinned comment, so you can simply skip if you are particularly interested in
certain points. Want to give you a heads-up though, the main
contents of the OP is filled with details that will make the Light Novel readers happy,
whereas the heavy context scenes are towards the very end in secret flashing scenes, so
if you are looking for some War of Underworld knowledge, those latter bits will interest
you a whole lot more, but naturally contain spoilers, whereas the early bits with all
the cool little details and trivia are mostly non-spoilery stuff from the Human Realm Arc. Remember that you can always get to experience
all of these details and more by grabbing the Sword Art Online Light Novels for yourself,
Amazon and Book Depository Affiliate Links are in the description and the knowledge of
Stacia awaits you there! But without further ado, let’s start with
the opening. First off, let’s address the elephants in
the room for those who do not follow these news closely. No, this Opening is not the War of Underworld
Opening, it is for the upcoming mobile SAO Game, Alicization Blading, aka Alicization
Rising Steel in the west. Before you ask, no, at the time of the recording
of this video, the game does not have a release date yet. No, the light brown haired Integrity Knight
is not Asuna and also is not Leafa. She is Edith Synthesis 10, a game original
Integrity Knight. No, the game is not canon to the main series,
the things you see here, while some of them are canon, the others are non-canon. I will make the distinction clear during this
video. Naturally, here’s your spoiler warning, this
is an Opening Explained video that intends to go in depth on things you see, some of
which do include War of Underworld spoilers, so consider yourself warned. We start with basic information, neon-lit
illustrations for the origins of the three Divine Swords, Gigas Cedar in purple for the
Night Sky Sword, Blue Roses for the Blue Rose Sword, and Fragrant Olive for the Osmanthus
Blade, all coming together for the opening shot with the silhuettes of our heroes, Kirito,
Eugeo and Alice. The logo appears as we scale the Axiom Church
up into the starry night sky, that is most certainly a reference to climbing the tower
as it gets darker, culminating in Eugeo’s final words to Kirito, “Envelop this little
world, as gently as the night sky”. But it’s probably also a cool intro above
all else. Moving quickly through obvious stuff, we got
the Rulid Trio, Alice being cute as hell. The picnic bag is replaced by the one that
fell over with ice, shot by shot Alice getting taken away by Deusolbert, Kirito pinned down
on the ground, Eugeo having the Code 871. With the transition featuring the little grass
the trio used to attach luminous elements for light, we see Quinella inserting the Piety
Module into Alice’s forehead, you can recognize that its Alice and not the new Integrity Knight
if you look at the braided hair. Now, you may think this is a difference from
the main canon, but it isn’t. Anime showed us Chudelkin and the senators
casting Sacred Arts on Alice, but their goal is not to insert the Piety Module there, their
objective is to open access to her Fluctlight, because Alice refused to chant the Remove
Core Protection command, so you can think of this scene as the continuation of that. Once Chudelkin and the senators broke the
protection, Alice was naturally sent up to Quinella for her Synthesis Ritual and her
awakening as an Integrity Knight. The shot that follows this is tricky. It may seem like this is Alice Synthesis 30
with the eye patch, however, it is not. First off, the Seal of the Right Eye, as it
is named, is on the right eye, not the left. Secondly, these two shots are back to back
and are clearly the same scene. The purple glow of the Piety Module is clear,
Alice is emotionless as if she is in a trance and looking at the angle the linear lights
are animated, the Piety Module is very close to her head here, as she lets out a final
tear. A similar transition to the previous one,
the blooming Zephilia Flower leads us to Sortiliena Serlut! If your memory is really vague on the main
canon after the 6 month break, this is the flower that Kirito tended to, so he could
present it to Liena. It was particularly special for her, because
the flowers never bloomed in the northern empire. But Zephilia Flower is not the highlight here,
we see a scene that the anime has skipped from the Light Novels. The scene we see here, is the Swordsmanship
Tournament of the Norlangarth North Empire, held to pick out the representative of the
empire to participate in the Four Empire Unification Tournament, the winner of which is granted
access to the Central Cathedral and potentially brought in to become an Integrity Knight. The Novels had very shortly mentioned that
Sortiliena couldn’t reach the Unification Tournament because she was defeated by Eldrie
Woolsburg but the Anime completely glossed over this during the academy episodes. The news about Liena’s duel with Eldrie had
made their way to the Swordcraft Academy and that was how Eugeo learned the name of Eldrie,
which he later used to destabilize his synthesis ritual. It’s kinda sad that we dont see Eldrie using
a whip here though. But incredible attention to detail, that you
can clearly see once the Liena’s whip gets deflected by Eldrie, she just throws it back
to continue her momentum with her sword. Of course, that is obviously not how a whip
reacts to an impact, but it’s an OP, it has to look cool, not obey the laws of physics. The main canon did actually consider whip
physics a lot during Kirito’s battle against Eldrie, which impacted Kirito’s decisions
greatly, and that was also downgraded a lot in the anime, again, you can check my Episode
12 Explained for more info on that! Next up, we see Bercouli, returning to the
northern cave as the Integrity Knight, Synthesis 1 to challenge the dragon. Which was mentioned by the anime obviously,
but only his arrival as a human was depicted in visual form. Here, we see him raising his Time Splitting
Sword. And you may be wondering about his armor,
since you have never seen him in one. This armor is his actual armor that you will
eventually get to see in War of Underworld content, so while you’ll see him in his Kimono
quite a lot, he will eventually start picking up his armor as time goes on. As to why he is using the armor against the
dragon, this is still his early days as an Integrity Knight, when he is grinding EXP. Remember, there are two reasons to killing
the Guardian entities of the four empires. One is because Quinella cannot actively control
them. Two is because divine monsters naturally yield
a whole lot of EXP as one would expect in a simulation based on an MMORPG infrastructure
and Bercouli obviously does not yet feel confident enough to fight in his bathrobes. We quickly switch over to Fanatio Synthesis
2, who quickly hides her face with her helmet after his encounter with Vixur Ul Shasta in
the Dark Territory that was hinted at in the anime already. Quickly switching over to the Integrity Knight
brigade shot, the only ones that are left in the Central Cathedral to defend it with
their divine weapons. There are of course more Integrity Knights,
both in the Axiom Church and around in general, but some of which are in sleep mode, some
are hiding, and some, like the Whirling Blades, dont have divine weapons. One of the extremely cool details is when
the camera zooms out of the new Integrity Knight, Edith Synthesis 10 to reveal Cardinal’s
Tea Cup and surely, all Light Novel readers must have caught this reference. One of the scenes the anime completely skipped
was Cardinal’s explanation about the Seal of the Right Eye. You can find a more detailed explanation in
my Episode 13 Explained video, but the key relevance here is that she illustrated the
seals capability via a Tea Cup. When she was still human, she had learned
from her parents to never put a tea cup on a table without a coaster and if she ever
attempted it, her hand would simply stop and not let her. And thus, the tea cup here has a coaster under
it. You can also see Carlotte on the left here. As the camera pans upwards and we switch to
the Cloudtop Garden, once again, attention to the narrative detail just shows itself
very clearly. We see Kirito fighting against Alice and actually
getting thrown off the field at the end, while Eugeo is fighting the new Integrity Knight,
Edith. The significance is that Eugeo had refused
to fight with Alice to begin with, because he didn’t want to hurt her, so Kirito had
relegated him to be the support to freeze her up. Here, naturally when there are 2 enemies,
Eugeo goes to fight the one that is not Alice. We see him using his Perfect Weapon Control
and Edith actually destroys the oncoming ice with a simple sword slash, it does not seem
to be a Perfect Weapon Control at all, marking her the only one who has not used an Enhanced
Armament in this scene. This may either be the case because they do
not want to reveal her ability, or while she is very skilled with her weapon, she does
not have a strong enough bond with it yet to conjure a Perfect Weapon Control in this
case. Similar examples among the Integrity Knights
do exist, Renly Synthesis 27 comes to mind in his early appearances. However, the website actually does define
her ability, which is to simply ignore all deflecting equipment, so swords and armor,
allowing her to easily damage her opponents, which is exactly what Eugene’s Weapon Perk
was back in ALfheim Online, not very creative there in terms of uniqueness… The scene ends with Eugeo using the one hit
Sword Skill, Vertical, in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the same animation used back in
Alicization Anime when Kirito is fighting Ugachi, just adjusted into having Eugeo instead
of Kirito. Or more simply, the same animation they used
for Eugeo against Deusolbert in Episode 14, slightly re touched of course, as the picture
quality feels smoother than in the anime. Next shot is on the 100th floor of the Central
Cathedral as you will recognize, against the Sword Golem and unlike the Anime, Golem is
actually handdrawn here instead of CG, which… I have to say, the CG Golem looked a whole
lot better, handdrawn golem looks like a toy here, but its a quick scene anyways, so not
a huge issue, especially for such a good opening in general. We see a Smug Quinella and Kirito dual wielding
with his Blackwyrm coat from SAO. There are clear signs that Eugeo dies in Blading
as well, some of them hidden in the secret ending as well, but the first one is obviously
the secondary sword being the Red Rose Sword instead of the Blue Rose Sword we have seen
Kirito wield in Alicization Lycoris. It’s a beautiful shot to have as well, with
the characters flashing on the swords, and giving us this amazing wallpaper of Kirito
and Eugeo’s faces coming together, absolutely beautiful! Once Kirito lunges forward, we see Quinella
using her hair as thrusting/piercing weapons, which is accurate to the Novels, despite Anime
caring for none of it and used them as bondage material instead, which was just a tiny bit
of why Episode 24 adaptation was quite a bad one. And of course, Kirito going in for a final
Vorpal Strike and there are two things I want to mention here. One, and the less obvious one, Kirito does
lose his arm here as well, you can see it more clearly in the far shot that he has no
right arm. In fact, in the close shot, you can see he
is raising his right arm to start a Vorpal Strike, but gets his arm cut off, so he switches
the momentum over to his left hand, incredible attention to detail for a split second animation. Secondly, Eugeo’s help, it is a beautiful
reference to the Ordinal Scale movie when Asuna used Mother’s Rosario against An Incarnation
of the Radius, the Floor 100 boss. But with Quinella exploding in typical Michael
Bay fashion, the real teaser of the entire opening is shown. It is very easy to miss, even if you slow
down the footage, so I went frame by frame for you, as 10 different images flash on screen
for about 3 frames very quickly, all relevant to the War of Underworld arc. This pretty much confirms that Alicization
Blading will have its story go into the War of Underworld as well and that means a whole
lot of characters will be added to the game, from the Dark Territory, new Integrity Knights
and allies and enemies from the real world as well! I would also like to thank Celest from SAO
Wikia and the French SAO Community FullDive, who exchanged ideas with me, because while
most of the shots are quite vague in general, some are quite specific and having a different
opinion helped a lot pinning things down. Now the first shot is very close to the Human
Empire, the valley that the Eastern Gate is located and where the Dark Territory armies
are attacking from. You can see the army very clearly down below. This is followed up by what appears to be
from the race of Goblins. This is either just a random shot of a goblin,
or a very specific scene from Volume 16, Alicization Exploding, when Fizel and Linel are destroying
the Goblins that snuck behind the front lines and into the supply and help area or when
Renly Synthesis 27 that you will meet in V16, finally standing up to fight against the Goblins
that were about to kill Ronye, Tiese and Kirito in his slumber. Next up, we see a clear illustration of actual
humans in the Dark Territory, this silhuette belonging to the Dark Knights Brigade, elite
soldiers of the Dark Territory army under the rule of Emperor Vecta. The picture does not specifically refer to
an individual Dark Knight of course, the elite division who very recently lost their commander. The picture of seemingly wolves may be one
of the two things. First and the likely option is that it belongs
to the wolves that certain races of the dark territory ride for battle. Secondly however, it may be one of the Ogre
races with the face of a wolf, as there is a very memorable scene in Volume 16 with this
race of ogres. However, since we dont see the body of the
beast, it’s impossible to argue one way or another. The next shot is one of the rather disturbing
ones. On the right, you see Kirito in his Veggie
state. This illustration refers to his mental condition,
where Kirito, in his Wheelchair state, is haunted by the thoughts of everyone he has
killed and everyone who has died because of him. The hands obviously belong to the dead. Next up, we have what can only be the Obsidia
Palace, deep in the Dark Territory, where Emperor Vecta’s body that hasn’t been moved
for centuries resides. We will have plenty of scenes in the Obsidia
Palace, as dreams of the noble commander of a peaceful future are shattered by the awakening
of the God of Darkness. We see the image of a minion, that honestly
looks so much more terrifying than the anime’s depiction. This moment refers to a devious plan of the
Chancellor of the Dark Mages Guild, D.I.L, who unleashes an entire brigade of Minions
towards the warzone. However, it was an assault that Commander
Bercouli had expected and has a shocking plan against that pushes D.I.L for a much more
cruel attack that causes a huge trauma for Alice. Another race of Orcs is shown, the ones with
the face of a pig, which I will refer to as “Porcs” from here on out, thank you Celest
for that one. This isn’t a specific Porc here, the one Porc
that we will spend a lot of time with is Lilpilin, the chief of the Orcs, however he has a pinkish
skin and this one is green. My assumption is that this illustration is
very much right after the Minion assault and the cruelest part of D.I.L’s back up plan
that Emperor Vecta greenlit. I don’t know how much some people will empathize
with a humanoid race of Porcs, but it is one of the sadder moments of Volume 16. Next up is a random shot of the Dark Territory,
the crow is not something specific, you have seen a similar shot back in Episode 1 of the
Anime as well. But last but not least, we see the grand monument
that separates the Human Empire and the Dark Territory, the ticking timebomb of the impending
stress test, the great Eastern Gate, where a majority of Volume 16 will take place. That is it in terms of the explained bit. I want to address something before I wrap
up the video though. A lot of people are commenting how better
the OP is from the anime, and while I agree with it to a certain extent, I need to mention
it is a huge disservice to the anime team as well, because an OP production and a weekly
anime production follows very different design philosophies. First off, an OP is designed for near perfection,
because it is something to be watched over and over, whereas regular anime is not designed
for all around perfection, but rather designed around priorities. An OP is made with 3-5 second clips of quality
focus, in comparison to scenes that can last an entire episode, that is 1200 seconds of
animation, compared to the 90 of an Opening. Secondly, yes, the OP is incredibly impressive,
especially for a mobile game, but if you inspect it closely, like I did for this explained
video, it does not have an amazing animation quality in general, it just acts very clever
to hide its imperfections. Most of the OP is literally still frames with
no real animation, distracting you with computer generated lighting animations, motion blur
and simple zoom and pan effects, which is nowhere near the level of the Anime Openings. Please don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing
Opening, but the amount of hate towards the animation quality of the Anime in the comments
of the Opening video forced my hand to step in and actually provide some objectivity. It’s not the smartest idea to contest the
huge amount of people in a honeymoon period of a new Opening and will cause me to get
some flak here, but the amount of hate is certainly unfair to the hard working people
under serious time constraints and production issues mandated by other variables and I certainly
would feel bad if I were to not try to calm things down. But yeah, if you made it this far, write “Time
for Alicization Blading!” in the comments to let me know! As I said earlier, an extensive coverage of
the Alicization Lycoris TGS Trailer will arrive soon, as well as a summary of all the news
from Tokyo! If you have questions, do ask them in the
comments, maybe I’ll do a Blading Q&A if there is enough interest. Make sure to hit that subscribe and bell icons
for the best content on Sword Art Online! 25k merch is available if you are interested,
link in the comments. Thank you for watching and a huge thanks to
my Patrons and Youtube Members as always for their continued support! I’ll see you next time, until then, Stay Cool~


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