Sword Art Online- Bloopers (HD)

…..trick to doing it. Turn around, I’m gonna jam my finger in your butt. okay. Do you want to know what I think, that when I’m done with this line my face will distort and my eye will PLUCK OUT see I was right. ********* Who’s this Kagemune guy? Uh, he does a drag show down on Melrose. It kinda looks like Cher **BOOBS** I like the wandering type. **BOOPS** Have you ever thought about being the Merc for the cait siths? **BOOBS** You get three meals a day plus snacks and a nap. Next time: Boobs I mean Bonds Bonds Bonds. OW! No way you poisoned them? uh-huh I peed in their mouths when they were sleeping. I can’t see a thing where’d my eyes go? *********** What a surprise The last thing I expected to find was a cockroach in my little birds cage. You got to be kidding HABERKORN! I preferred if you didn’t call me that name in this show. You should address me as highness Todd F****** HABERKORN! It is a game so you can at least have the balls to face…. blah blah blah blah??? I don’t see this taking me more than four or five hours. You got it. And don’t you worry about your penis while you’re gone. I’ll keep a close eye on it. Thanks! Remember, Cup the balls. Next time: GIGOU Hey guys How you like my girl voice!? I drop SO DA This isn’t over Not yet. I’m just getting started. It’s Monty Python’s Flying Circus! Yo Chrysheight or whatever. I hear you’re the one that hired kirito to dive into that game So let me get this straight. You got him to convert over knowing that a player got shot in game and died IRL Chrysheight: Easy Klien. I can explain Chrysheight: It’s not how the player die.
Klien: HEY, I’M NOT DONE YOU *#*#*# STOP IT SHUT UP! So anyway, it’s crazy mean another girl VR MMO player IRL welcome to the harem. I second that. Have you been tested for STDs yet? Hi Kirito! Morning Asuna. Sorry to call so early. We were planning on going a quest in ALO this afternoon. You want to go? I’m at the bath right now but yeah, I’ll totally go. Uhh.. there’s a setting on your phone called FaceTime use it now! You’re so dirty and I like it dirty. Dork! Oh I got it. I don’t got it. Oh the pretty ones are so dumb. Stop razzing me ehehehhehehehe It’s a trap. It’s a trap. It’s a trap. Your treachery and deceit has come to an end. IT’S MOTHER#*#*#* HAMMERTIME YO! Okay spill it what’s so funny? It’s just.. I can’t see y’all’s being into the Portuguese breakfast. Y’all some vanilla look at Mother ##ckas Vanilla is a kinky flavor G. Wow on that note. I bet you played MMORPGs for a long time, huh? True Dat I done Seibert myself raw and EverQuest. This is my guild: The Sleeping Knights! My name is Jun, hiya! how’s it goin? Then let’s meet back at the Lombard savepoint and talk about what we learned. Okay? Cock Potatoes! You’re late. The hell took you so long? Sorry. I went to the anahein convention center. HIYAAAAAAAAAAA SEN’I SOSHITSU!!! She’s also been fighting the harsh reality of her situation while in treatment. There’s no doubt the clinical trials with the medicuboid caused her an unimaginable… F**# You! If I remember correctly, I think her name was Dr. Rinco Koujirou. **Kirito making wierd noises** What’s wrong Kirito? I… shit my pants. TO ME! #*#* YOU ! Uhh! YES! HUH!! Oh mah gawd. hehehe **KIRITO SCARED SHITLESS** Yeah, what’s up gurl? We can’t all be a Vocaloid **** my life :'( **Keiko/ Silica Singing** Ohh No. Wrong number. MOTOR BOAT! bfgrngrjhyeyeyaheyahyehyaheyayayayayayayhya F****ER! no punch. All right Which one of y’all wants a Dodger dog? GOD DAMMIT! F***! NO! F*** DON’T! I CAN’T LOOK! SHIT! NOOOOOOO!!! CRISTINA VEE BITCHES!!! GOD DAMN YOOOUU!! whoa. Hey. Do anything even if it meant ending up like I would end up I ended up like even if it meant I ended up even if it meant I ended up like… He said he have to drop the kids off at the pool? I can breathe again! Season 3 Bitches! I’ll be waiting for it 😉 Leave a Like if you laughed!


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