Tank project; painting

Hey folks, great you’re watching again As you might know, we are restoring an old tank This is a type 69-II and it came from Iraq It has fought in the first golf war and it belonged to Saddam Hussain There it drove in the desert and eventually it got captured by the English They took it with them and there the tank sat outside in the rain for 20 years Lots of rust That wasn’t very good for it We are restoring it, you should take a look… Hey folks, great that you are watching! Last week you have seen us repair the tank’s suspension And this week we’re going to spray paint it! And before i forget… Don’t forget to vote for us for the Televizier ring! Check the link! The partition can be seen here Wow! This sprays lots, the nozzle should go like this… That’s going well That is air What? There is some air in the hoze Yeah hold on a second… We are out of grey paint And we aren’t done spray painting just yet… All these components still need to be turned around and get coated And i see some corners that aren’t painted yet… That sucks, we’ll need to quickly order some We’ve saved too much whilst ordering… But there is still enough to tape off, mainly the wheels – we dont want to paint the tires So let’s go ahead and start taping So we quickly are removing the last pin The manual – That also has to go back in The tank is completely taped off, so we can start! I am completely ready! We removed all the bolts Isn’t it beautiful? It looks top notch. At first you couldn’t enter with boots, that is how dirty the floor was And now we are standing here with our socks! That is a big difference, isn’t it? The canvas is fully taped! That was a fun job… That is tasty! – That looks good. It looks like honey That looks promising… You’ve painted your nose as well My nose is also covered, but it would be worse without the mask. Otherwise I would have been fully covered Let’s spray paint the wheels! We are spraying – it is raining so let’s quickly get everything inside! This is a more boring job… But if this is finished we can go and do the best part of spray painting! Is it dry yet? Yeah it seems like it is This is looking very fancy All of this is looking very fit That’s it for this week! We’ve already re-assembled some parts to the tank A case, some racks, the mudguards… But next time we are going to assemble parts into the tank We want to start with the wire harness and pipes Lots of stuff go ontop of that, so that’s why we are doing that first In short – there is still enough to do! Thanks for watching and We’ll see you next time!


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