TANKARD – One Foot In The Grave – Title And Artwork (OFFICIAL ALBUM TRAILER #2)

As far as I can remember, it was our great management… …that had the idea for the title „One Foot In The Grave“,… …and we were totally convinced from the beginning! Okay no, of course we had to think and discuss about it a few days. But in the end I think this title is really good and that’s why it became also the title of one song because yeah,… …of course there has to be one song entitled just like the album: “One Foot In The Grave”! One of my favourite songs of the record! Um… I have totally no clue! Okay, so the song and the title came up like that: As you know, our music becomes more and more death metal and… …actually, this song is about necrophilism: “One Foot In The Grave” means “one female sexual organ in the grave”
(Foot in german=Cunt) I guess everyone will understand that and this should be enough explanation for the track… 😉 „One Foot In The Grave“ can be understood almost literally. It’s very ironic referring to ourselves… …because we’re old as f**k! The band celebrates its 35th anniversary this year and we’re still alive! We’re going to make metal until we’re in the old people’s home! The cover artwork was once again created by Patrick Strogulski,… …who was also responsible for the last two album covers of TANKARD. There are already some posters of the new album cover! You can see it right behind of me. It’s really nice, isn’t it? You’ll be also able to purchase this poster wall soon!


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