Testing Crayola “Rock Painting” Kit | Collab With NerdECrafter

Hey guys, so today I am going to be testing out this Crayola kit, it’s going to be fun but first this is a collab my first ever collab and it’s with I Was never good at drum really nerdy crafter she will be testing out a Crayola kit as well If you don’t know who nerdy crafter is She does a lot of cool stuff on her channel. She makes polymer clay sculptures. She’s got she’s got skills Also, she does this salty crafter review series She reviews all kinds of different craft kits and she’s salty about him. She’ll tell you what’s up She gives you an absolute honest opinion. It’s also really entertaining So I’ll put her channel in the I cards in the description go check her channel out After we’re done playing with rocks and believe it or not. I’ve been wanting to paint rocks for a while Sounds so lame. It looks fun I don’t know something about putting paint on a rock seems like quality fun to me So I snatched up this kit and then I noticed one crucial element to this kit is missing. It doesn’t come with rocks It clearly says rock painting kit and it has rocks on the picture, you know You think for $20 you could throw in a rock or two? Where do you suggest? I find a rock? I don’t even have a backyard. Okay, so I journeyed all the way to the amazon.com And I Bought some rocks and tell me why these were so expensive. These were $20 My purchase is now up To $40 for this so let’s open these up and see what’s inside. First of all, I want to see what these rocks look like Okay, they look like rocks rock Wow. There are some big guns in here. So a lot of different Sizes and shapes of rocks. How many are in here? Yo, this one looks like an egg Okay, I do appreciate this tub. It’s a nice big plastic tub that I can use for storing my crap not literal crap but just stuff, uh Some paper some paintbrushes Different sizes different color handles. Okay cute paint glaze. Okay So this is basically like Mod Podge, but Crayolas version you want it to be nice smooth shiny So that’s good as long as it works. Well cool. Uh, what else a very cheap paint palette Why can’t I just hold on to things? I don’t know how many times you really want to use this because it looks like it’s gonna break and crack and shrivel we’ve got acrylic paint a set of six so we’ve got white black brown and Primary colors so you do have to basically mix your colors. That’s okay. I don’t really mind mixing paint too much So let’s try to be positive. Okay guys, and we’ve got Metallic markers. Okay. So that’s a kind of nice touch because you know, you can add little details and Macau I’m interested to see how well these work for best results wash and dry rocks thoroughly and let them dry completely before applying paint Okay, so I am just going to get into this I’m going to switch the camera bring it over down here so you can see in my workstation and we can paint some rocks together So let’s do that. Okay. So here we are. So I picked out the rocks. I want to paint today and they have been bathed Okay. Oh, why is this paint all chunky? Hmmm? Maybe I need to shake it up Try to mix it up so after thoroughly mixing this is what I’m left with it Looks like dried out cottage cheese. I did try adding some water to thin it out But there there was no saving this paint it was dead So at this point I did kind of zone out and just start painting But I couldn’t just leave you guys to watch a nice peaceful video. So I’m here I’m here to complain so I did dig into some of the white paint that I had laying around because white paint is a Necessity so you can see that I’ve mixed my own colors and the colors in general are kind of kind of crappy kinda crappy They actually look better on camera than in person. I guess they’re not terrible. They’re just not that vibrant But yes, this is my rainbow rock. It was kind of shaped like a rainbow and I just love rainbows so it was meant to be So for this next one, I tried applying the pure Crayola paint directly onto the rock I painted five coats like this and every time the paint dried it would go back to being dark and transparent So I finally gave up and added some white to it and that took care of it and I made this rock into a little Strawberry, so the paint brushes were not too bad We got along pretty well except when trying to make little dots or details So I did use my dotting tool for the little seeds a dotting tool would have been a very practical addition for this kit because dotting on the paint is a very popular technique for rock painting even the one on the Box uses that technique so They could have put that in the kit just saying and this one I decided to make into a Donuts Which I thought turned out very cute. I loved it so much And finally, I painted a couple with just solid colors in order to test out those metallic markers the directions say to apply the glaze and Then use the metallic markers because if you try applying the glaze over top of the markers, it will smear them So now I’m applying the glaze take note of how these look right now because that may change at this point I was pretty happy with them and I actually really liked the glaze because it’s so shiny and thick but then So this is weird the glaze kind of makes the paint see-through I originally painted this rock that top half peach and then I changed my mind and I painted green over it and then I added the glaze and now you can see Where I painted that peach color you can see the back. This is what it looked like before. Oh my gosh It’s happening to my rainbow You can see through the green and see through the blue where the colors overlap that’s not cool, man I should have just tested it on one of them and then waited to see if I wanted to use it for all of them But you know what I trusted you Trusted you and you betray me. Alright, fine fine. I suppose we should do the metallic markers now Yeah, let’s be cheesy Hmm. Hey I’m back So those metallic markers hmm, they were pretty hard to use over top of that glaze because even after it was completely dry There was still like a stickiness to it So I had a heck of a time trying to get them to apply smoothly and the gold marker is not metallic It’s not metallic whatsoever. It’s just a flat gold color by the time I got to the final rock I had kind of given up. This is where the Crayola gloss is Obviously cuz it’s really discolored This side. I just used my own gloss varnish But the silver marker was actually metallic, but it didn’t want to stick to that glaze So it was really spotty especially in the hearts So here are all the final rocks, and I know I complained a lot in this video It’s just that this is such a simple concept and so simple of a process that it was frustrating when things weren’t working out the way they should have I think I would have enjoyed the process more and The outcome would have been better if the supplies were a little bit better quality and the kit was better put together But in all honesty these rocks don’t look too bad Except for that that one that one just looks terrible but the main thing that’s bothering me is that I really like things to be neat and They were really neat before I put the glaze on there and now they look kind of messy and that’s really annoying for me But yeah, I’m gonna continue with the rest of the video and I’ll give you my final thoughts on this kit So I’m back and who would have thought so many different things could go wrong when you’re painting a rock First of all, there ain’t no rocks in the kit. So that kind of sucks second. We’ve got the lovely cottage cheese paint and then we’ve got The paint glaze which turns everything Terrible and then we have the markers which they tell you you can’t use before the glaze you have to use after the glaze But they don’t go on smoothly because the glaze is so sticky also, they’re not metallic. No, yeah No, I um, I mean, this was $20 For six things of paint and sorry five things of paint and I think cottage cheese. I mean, that’s a ripoff I mean, I understand that kits are usually overpriced because like obviously they’re not gonna charge you exactly what they cost They’re gonna bump up the price because it’s a kit and it’s supposed to be like for convenience But it’s not even that convenient because you have to go out and buy your own rocks anyway Or go out and hunt them down in nature. So what’s the point of the kit again? What’s the point? I Did get a strawberry rock out of it Because this one somehow avoided catastrophe so I’m fine with this one But all of the rest of them, especially these three those three can go die I will paint the rest of the rocks because honestly as an activity I think rock painting sounds kind of lame But it’s actually fun. So I would recommend trying it out if you haven’t already but just Don’t buy the kit does it ain’t worth it. I’ll keep these on my desk It’ll fit in you can’t tell how terrible it is. Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed watching I will see you guys again on Friday for a squishy makeover video. Bye!

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