Tha thu air Aigeann m’ Inntinn le Iain Mac a’ Ghobhainn

You are at the Bottom of my Mind
Iain Crichton Smith Without my knowing it you are at the bottom of my mind Like a visitor to the bottom of the sea With his helmet and his two large eyes And I do not rightly know your appearance or your mannner After five years of showers of time pouring between me and you nameless mountains of water pouring between me hauling you on board and your appearance and your manner in my weak hands You went astray among the mysterious plants of the sea-bed in the green half-light without love and you will never rise to the surface though my hands are hauling ceaselessly and I do not know your way at all you in the half-light of your sleep haunting the bed of the sea without ceasing and I hauling and hauling on the surface


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