The Art Of Being Human: M Living Art Channel Trailer

Well hello my dear, I’m M, would you like to
go on an adventure with me? I want to take you on a magical journey into the
heart of humanity. This voyage requires an artful understanding of countless
transformations I’m ready to emerge from the darkness
and discover what has been hidden in my soul. I’m ready to leave behind a frozen
world and to take flight and to ask the questions of life time how do you create a life of abundance
and possibility when the world is so unfair and unhinged and unstable? Life may deliver limitless storms and the entire world may convert into something
completely unfamiliar I may plunge into the depths of anxiety and fear I may
find myself alone in an impenetrable forest or drowning in a boundless shadowy sea. The pathway to the light may feel inaccessible disorienting I dream of an unencumbered space above the clouds where the courage to climb any cliff
simply flows in concert with peace strength and power
from the lighthouse of my soul I want my life to become art So I can finally arrive on
the fragrant shore of limitless beauty and creativity so I can finally say there it is I’ve
seen it I’ve seen that magical thing that’s so elusive that I’ve spent years
of my life trying to make and I don’t know if I’ve ever succeeded I’m ready to
welcome the warmest summer of possibility to allow my being to welcome
the art of becoming fully human and discover the sunlight of my own
potential. If that’s an adventure you want to see then I just want to invite
you to join my journey


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